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    A beautiful and deadly assassin from the DC Universe.

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    Jade Nguyen is a dangerous assassin in the DC Universe going under the guise Cheshire. She is a notorious villain in DC Universe and has gone up against many super heroes from the Teen Titans, Justice League, Birds of Prey, etc. Jade is widely known for her turbulent relationship with super hero Red Arrow (Roy Harper), and having a daughter (Lian) with him. Jade possesses no super human abilities, but is vastly skilled in a wide range of weapons and melee combat.

    Story (Young Justice)

    In the Young Justice series, Jade is the daughter of Huntress (Paula Nguyen) and Sportsmaster (Lawrence Crock) and the elder sister to Artemis. She is a deadly and skilled member of the league of assassins. Although she works with her father Sportsmaster on several occasions professionally, she has a strong disliking towards him personally. Cheshire also has a strange relationship with her sister Artemis, although they both work on different sides of the law, Cheshire has saved her sister's life telling her that she did not want to see her dead because they are sisters after all. Cheshire also appears to have somewhat of a flirtatious relationship with Red Arrow.


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