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    Hugo Strange

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    Professor Hugo Strange is a comic book supervillain in the DC Comics universe. He is one of Batman's recurring villains.

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    Arkham City: The Comic

    After a terrorist attack on the Gotham City Hall shortly after Quincy Sharp's rise to power in Arkham. Sharp creates Arkham City and hires Strange to act as warden. However Batman finds this series of events suspect.

    Batman soon discovers that the terrorist attack and even Mayor Sharp's plan for Arkham City may have been supported by an outside force. It soon becomes apparent that Hugo Strange has been using Arkham City to take over all of Gotham as well as a way to eliminate the villains. With Arkham City he can be sure that the villains are stuck in a cage where they will kill each other for control of the city. With most of the villains gone he can control the underworld without much competition and be beloved by the public for getting rid of the murderers and criminals that have plagued Gotham for so long.

    Arkham City

    Arkham under Strange's control.
    Arkham under Strange's control.

    As Bruce Wayne is delivering a speech in front of the Arkham City gates for a press event, Hugo Strange sends in his PMC troop named TYGER to arrest Wayne and any others who are against the concept of putting all of Gotham's villains and criminals in one place. Strange decides to torture Bruce and reveals that he knows about Bruce's other identity. Batman. Strange says in ten hours that he will set off his plan enigmatically called "Protocol 10". Strange tells Bruce that he will tell the world about Batman's true identity if he interferes and lets him loose in the city.

    While Batman travels through Arkham City trying to find out what Protocol 10 means Strange has been giving the Joker weapons to try and control the gangs in his prison. Strange makes it clearer and clearer that he admires what Batman stands for but thinks he can do a better job. Eventually it becomes apparent that Strange is having help from an outside force as he continuously does things that the city would disapprove of but doesn't face any consequences. He even puts Mayor Quincy Sharp in the walls of the city.

    Hugo Strange goes through with Protocol 10 which is the utter destruction of Arkham City and it's inhabitants which include Commissioner Gordon's squad, political prisoners, Drs. etc. Batman breaks into the tower that

    Warden Strange commands from and is greeted with a message of Strange holding a hostage. Strange tells Batman that he will be more successful in the eradication of crime as he believes Batman is responsible for its growth. His ultimate plan was the creation of these prison cities all over the world to function as roach killers. Batman scolds him but Strange eludes that he is working for someone that will be proud of his efforts.

    Batman soon makes it to the top of the tower with Strange in a command room. Strange takes a beating from Batman presses his face against a window to show him what he's done then moves to the command center to have Oracle shut it down.. The warden insists that he is proud but gets stabbed in the back by Ra's Al Ghul. Ra's has been the one behind these events all along. He had given Strange countless resources to ensure that Protocol 10 will have come to fruition. Ra's has been unhappy with Strange's failure and refuses to help Strange. As a last act of defiance he issues the order for Protocol 11 activated by the passcode "Wayne". This starts a self destruct sequence for the command center. Batman quickly dodges out of the tower chasing Ra's in free fall. As Batman grabs onto him Ra's attempts to kill them both by stabbing himself through the stomach. Batman let's go and Ra's plummets to his death.

    Other Appearances

    Hugo Strange is a featured and playable character in the mini-game "Villain Hunt" in the DS version of Lego Batman: The Video Game.


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