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Are Dice still able to prove they can make great online games?

  I remember just after Infinity Ward just gimped Modern Warfare 2 for PC Dice came along and said "Hey PC guys we still love you so why don't you buy our game". This was a very clever move to really get people not only into BC2 but make a lot more turn away from MW2. Even so I always had my doubts about the game everyone remembers the Battlefield games for the second and was still considered one of the main FPS up there with Call of Duty and Counter Strike.  To be frank I never really found the first bad company that enjoyable either so how could a game that's not called Battlefield 3 really live up.

Well it lives up very well in fact, Dice set out to make a fun mulitplayer game and they did just that. but lets talk about the singleplayer for a sec before we get into the online part of the game. When I played the first Bad Company the Singleplayer was down right boring. The Characters were fun but it just felt like there trying to make singleplayer levels out of Multiplayer levels
Lets get down to how the game looks and feels first. Its a very nice looking game, the Textures looks nice but the guns look odd. For some reason some just don't look right at all. Some of the animations look a bit werid to but this is minor complaint. For the most part I run the game on a average system (I need of a new processor badly) and the game will run on high settings fairly well but I have noticed a couple of FPS drops here and there. The gun feel right but there is some balancing issues with some like the M60. 

 So how does the this game start out ? WORLD WAR FREAKING 2. Was not prepared for it at all, boom welcome to Japan. It was weird playing this knowing the next level its going to skip like 60 or 70 years but man its a great start to the game, then were throw back into into whatever year bad company takes place and erghhh. Its Amazing they started with a really good first level to next being boring and repetitive. There a few good moments in there but again the firefights just get boring after a while and it pretty much follows this in each level. You get a couple of great moments followed by some lame arse AI and boring gun battles. There is just zero pacing in the game at all. 

The cast from the first game is back which is nice but they hardly speak. If you want some of the funny dialog then have to basically have to keep out of fighting for a little while. It really sucks because the Characters have a lot of charm and are really entertaining but i just which they show it more.  So all in all the Singleplayer again felt tacked on to me. While it has some good moments it felt dragged on and I really couldn't care for the story at all. Still I would of brought this game even if it would of had only Mulitplayer alone. 

I'm going to come right out and say a couple of the rush maps are awful. While conquest feel nice and balanced Rush can be such a bitch at times. I found myself many time failing terribly on one map as say defending then as soon as it switches over to attacking we steamroll them. This happens many times.  Another anonying problems it mortors. Every sniper will have them and basicly a cheap but eftive way to attack is to just use the mortor to blow the building that has the bomb. Its a sucky move but I found my self not only blowing the bomb up but getting a ton of kills from everyone inside the building.
Another problem is team switching. At this point in time there no auto balance feature so you have to hope people will play fairly and not just all group up into one team. this also is a big problem as one team is just better then the other and will steamroll them every time. As you can see there some big issues with the multiplayer I also found the server browser to be broken as of late and can take a while to find the servers (longer then normal).

While these problems are bothersome and a lot of the balancing issues need to be sorted its still a great Multiplayer game. Conquest mode is still as fun as ever and I feel there a lot more teamwork going on this time around then before and for the most part rush mode can be pretty fun to. One thing i'm really happy about are the ranks, in BF2 it was stupid I must of spent about a year and half playing it and I don't think I even got half the ranks while on this one there a lot quicker to get which is miles better. It also takes a lot of the features added in BF2142 like collecting dog tags and an in game friend list. 

Hopefully as time goes on we will try new maps and maybe even another remake of wake Island (please). Even so something does still unnerve me. For years and years we heard rumors about Battlefield 3 and In my opinion it isn't real. Still lately it seems a sequel to two could be on the way which would suck for this game . But to be honest with Dice working on Medal of Honor's MP I doubt we see anything like that for now. All in all Bad Company 2 is great game. Its been a while since the PC has a good competitive FPS but now that has changed Bad Company is fine successor to a great game.... oh the explosions are pretty great to.

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