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Great game, both singleplayer & multiplayer

After playing the first game in the series, I expected the sequel, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to be much, much better. The first game had serious problems with multiplayer, specifically the lack of game modes and maps. The game also had a somewhat boring campaign that just seemed like a constant kill-fest.
However, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 became one of my favorite games the day I picked it up. As I opened the case, I was very impressed to see a VIP code, something that shows the care DICE & EA have for their users. Starting out the game, I picked campaign to start with. From the start, the story line was one of my favorite characteristics about the game. It is a very realistic storyline that blends current technology, making it seem as if it could be happening right now. The characters in the game once again did not fail to impress me, as their dialogue was creatively written to show the emotions of real soldiers. As I ventured on through campaign, the story just got better and better with exciting, unexpected events happening at the perfect times.
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has an amazing multiplayer experience as well. When I first played the multiplayer demo, I wasn't so sure if I liked it due to the amount of lag, and the lack of game modes. However, the real game features 4 game modes, the perfect amount that suits almost every player you could think of. I play each game mode at least once a day just because they all are enjoyable and I get an intense experience each time. I find myself unlocking new guns often and finding out new spots where I can snipe each day. Another great perk of the multiplayer experience is the size of the maps, making those huge game modes work great. However, the one downfall about these large games is the amount of lag when others have a bad connection.
Overall, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a great experience and I recommend it to all, despite the rare lag you might get while playing in a large-player-amount game mode.

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