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Battletech is a turn-based strategy game from Harebrained Schemes, a company founded by the franchise's original creators so who better to revitalize it. The game shares much of its structure with Firaxis' XCOM series, with players managing a base outside of combat, looking after the health of their pilots, and stopping and starting the timeline on which the world operates. What really differentiates Battletech from its fellow strategy games are the mechs and the game's narrative campaign. These add depth and drive to a tried and true formula. For more information, check out the VIDEO REVIEW.

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    Soul of a new machine 0

    It’s quite funny to hear a revered game critic accuse the industry of collective amnesia and in the same breath pour scorn on nostalgia driven crowdfunding campaigns. It’s doubly amusing when said critic gushes over his own set of old classics and bemoans today’s preponderance to treating its audience with absurd levels of condescension. One suspects that without this longing for the triumphs of the past we’d be seeing more of X-Com Declassified and that wretched Syndicat...

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    A solid game from a vast, established universe 0

    What's good about BATTLETECH?I'd like to think I have good taste, but sometimes it's harder to pin down what makes a game great than it is to understand why it's great. There are so many original IPs which are fine, but it's obvious that BATTLETECH knows exactly what it's doing with its setting, gameplay, mechanics, and STORY! It doesn't take much sleuthing to figure out that BATTLETECH is a tabletop game and has been around for a while like Warhammer. BATTLETECH is a science fiction universe ab...

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