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Games I played a notable amount of in 2018

The future is here! The future is now! This list is to help me keep track of whatever I decided to play this year. "Notable" means whatever I want it to, but you can assume that means "a couple of hours" at least.

List items

  • A visual novel where you date a bunch of moe anime girls and then sometimes it's sad. It's legitimately very good, but I do have to give it credit for all of the garbage visual novels Steam is now recommending me.

  • Finally decided to sit down and play a bunch of zeldo. It's okay, I guess.

  • I played a bunch of this with a friend over Christmas Break. I think it's a very fun fighting game.

  • It's like Dark Souls, but with exoskeletons! It's pretty good, but I feel like the developers at Deck 13 are one or two games away from making something truly great instead of a merely decent imitation.

  • Not a terrible way to spend my time when I'm playing around with mah Nintendo Switch.

  • I futzed around with Civ VI for like 10 hours and then decided that I was probably good. It has some neat ideas, but it also has a lot of the same problems I had with Civ V.

  • Oh hey there crack, I've missed you.

    In all seriousness, I think this game is a fantastic progression on Monster Hunter, possibly the best the series has been. The lack of a proper G-Rank endgame means I probably won't stick with it as disgustingly long as 4 Ultimate, but it'll have my attention for a long time.

  • As an idiot who actually still thinks that the original PS1 Crash games are legitimately decent platformers, I am all for prettier versions of them. But mostly Crash 2.

  • Replayed Bayonetta 2. Can confirm that Bayonetta 2 is still the besssst.

  • Everyone's favorite game of Mech Chess is an incredibly tight little tactics/puzzle thing, even if I wish it had a little more personality or variety.

  • My first experience with the Tales series was a mostly positive one. I look forward to playing more... when I have roughly a bajillion hours to spare for another 16 40 hour RPGs.

  • Weirdly enough, I've been playing through TOEE as reference material for my own D&D campaign.

  • A pretty rad take on Left 4 Dead that I'd probably play more of if my friends who played it weren't complete flakes.

  • Went on a bit of a Heroes kick recently.

  • In the realm of hot and modern video games, I decided to play through the entire Restoration of Erathia campaign for the first time in my life.

  • A surprisingly strong reboot to a series I don't have a ton of history with. I have some quibbles with its structure and wish it was a little shorter, but it's still a hell of a modern AAA video game.

  • It turns out I really like the sequel to that one game I really liked. Who would've thunk?

  • So I decided it would be a good use of my time to play the sequel to Tales of Symphonia I've literally never heard anyone say a positive word about.

  • A fun little throwback NES Castlevania thing that hopefully portends good things for that actual main Bloodstained game.

  • The Remastered Edition on PS4 was a good excuse to play Dark Souls again. Turns out Dark Souls is still alright.

  • It's been a while since I've done a good playthrough of Wiz 8, and it turns out I'm still pretty into that game. That said, it sure is slow and that level scaling sure is something!

  • My favorite police brutality simulator, from the makers of Bioshock and Freedom Force! (nah, seriously, it's a neat little thing) I'm bad at it.

  • The throwback 3D platformer that Yooka-Laylee wishes it could be.

  • Oh hey, the first DMC game finally clicked with me in a meaningful way.

  • Screw it dudes, let's ride this Tales train all the way down to hell.

  • A really repetitive RPG that nonetheless managed to consume my attention for a good 60 hours.

  • I went through a lot of trouble just so I could play the worst Dead Space game again because this is my life now.

  • Messing around with source ports of DOOM, including Brutal DOOM and a remake/port of DOOM 64.

  • "It's a bigger, badder DOOM!"

    -John Romero

  • Doom 64 is a weird one, but I still enjoyed playing it to completion. I do not think I would've enjoyed playing it with a N64 controller.

  • I'm going to be totally honest: coming back to this game like 8 months later sort of cements why I dropped it in the first place. Like, it's totally okay, but man is it also a big heap of nothing.

  • This game is the first fighting game in a long time that I thought "Man, I actually want to try and learn this" before proceeding to not actually try and learn it. But still, it's a lot of fun to play.

  • A weird, janky, and decidedly obscure RPG from the turn of the millennium that I'm enjoying quite a bit, even as I fully acknowledge it might not actually be great.

  • Okay, so yeah this game is pretty great and I think I'm going to finish it this time.

  • Forgot to list this earlier, but yes, Dragon Ball is hella good and I like it a lot.

  • Playing through all of the Gears of War games with my brother-in-law. Gears 1 sure hasn't aged gracefully!

  • I'm very excited to give this game an earnest shot when it's not totally broken. Look forward to my hot take in 2019, I guess.

  • I like Gears 2 a lot more than the first one. It's still incredibly silly, but it has a lot more going on and significantly more interesting campaign design.

  • It's like Valkyria Chronicles 1, but moreso! If it wasn't for the part where VC 1 came out a decade ago, that would be a larger mark against it, but I'm fully okay with VC4 being a (mostly triumphant) return to form.

  • A neat little tribute to a bunch of old-school shooters that is more novel than it is good. Has the bonus distinction of being one of the few games to give me an actual headache when playing!

  • My most recent multiplayer kick consists mostly of being absolutely terrible at Siege but that being okay because the idiots and literal children playing public que on PS4 aren't much better.

  • It's been almost a decade since the last real WarioWare game (DIY) and I couldn't be more happy that another one exists. Admittedly, not a ton of staying power, but I got what I needed and that's just fine.

  • Spyro is the chillest-ass collectathon platformer imaginable.

  • Hitman 2 is more Hitman and that's totally alright by me.

  • Devil May Cry 3 is still really good y'all.

  • Finally gonna get around to playing "It's basically just Fire Emblem from the people who made Fire Emblem"

  • A neat little preview of the sequel to Undertale. It's still just as charming, clever, and weird as one would think, and I'm interested in seeing what the final product ends up looking like.