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    Beautiful Katamari

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Oct 16, 2007

    Namco's popular collect-a-thon returns for another outing exclusively on the Xbox 360.

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    A less than steller entry in the series 0

    The only other game I can compare this to is We Love Katamari, which is a game I had for the PS2 that is also part of the Katamari franchise. I did not play the original Katamari Damacy, so I can only compare We Love Katamari to Beautiful Katamari. I will say that I think We Love Katamari is the better game, with more original ideas and better gameplay.Beautiful Katamari is a short game if you play to win. Roll up things to make your katamari bigger under time limits, or with special conditions....

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    A mesmerizing bout of good old arcade-style fun! 0

    It’s took almost a year to be released here in Europe, but finally, the loveable Katamari have made their way on to the Xbox 360. At first glance, it may look as though the game was created for children however this presumption couldn’t be more wrong—it’s made so that anyone can pick it up, begin playing, and have a brilliant time doing so. The game play mechanics of the series haven’t changed at all. Your still playing as the loveable Prince, taking orders from the King of all Cosmos rolling ar...

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    A short-lived yet enjoyable ride 0

    Katamari Damacy was a sleeper hit that turned heads because of it's originality, excellent soundtrack, crazy characters and good, innocent fun. The IP quickly became one of Namco-Bandai's flagship products, with sequels being created on a yearly basis. It came as no surprise that a continuation was released on the next generation of consoles (though perhaps a bit of a surprise it would be on the 360 and not the PS3).  He's back and sober!Beautiful Katamari revolves around the same cast as previo...

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    Size Matters 0

    You know, the King of All Cosmos is kind of a dick. He berates you, The Prince, for a few minutes before dropping you off without warning in the most cluttered Japanese restaurant you've ever seen in your life, forces you to roll up all of the knick-knacks scattered about on your "katamari", a roundish, spiky toy that can stick to most everything so long as it's not too big, and then doesn't give you nearly enough time to build up said katamari to his arbitrarily required size.No wonder all of y...

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    Review for Beautiful Katamari 0

    In this still new generation of gaming, where in game screenshots are quickly approaching levels of quality that rival what we pay $9 a ticket to see in a theater, for every game that achieves this level of quality there are ten others that have not. Beautiful Katamari, the latest in the series of quirky Japanese games has just made two large leaps forward: entering into the next generation while also making the jump to the Xbox 360.But is Beautiful Katamari a ball of fun or is it the latest in ...

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    Beatiful Katamri Hamda-ised review 0

    It's soo cute, you control the prince, and that king of cosmos orders you to create new stuff for the destroyed galaxy, and yes, it's destroyed by him when he was playing tennis with his queen.For each new galaxy component you make you have to snatch certain type of things, for example when you want to make a mercury, you have to snatch drinkable stuff, like tea, milk etc. and for the satellite you have to snatch playable stuff like Japanese board game pieces and such ^__^After you're done with ...

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    Unique concept and gameplay, but lacking content 0

    Seen Akira? Seen that bit where Tetsuo starts devouring the planet? Okay, well, this is kind of like that, but a lot less terrifying and a lot more humourous. Essentially, you are placed in around a dozen or more bizarre, earthbound stages where you have to roll this ball around that picks up stuff. As the ball grows bigger, the player opens up new sections of the level and is able to roll over and absorb larger items – from normal household furniture to people to whole continents! There is usa...

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