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    Bernadette Mataki

    Character » appears in 3 games

    Bernadette "Bernie" Mataki is a Sergeant in the COG army and an expert sniper. She served in the Pendulum Wars with Colonel Hoffman, Marcus Fenix, and Dom Santiago.

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    Born during the 33rd year of the Pendulum Wars on the island of Galangi far from any mainland on Sera. The daughter of a farmer, she joined the COG at 18 and quickly showed proficiency as a sniper. After spending most of her life in the army, specifically 26RTI regiment (Royal Tyran Infantry) also known as 'The Unvanquished', she was recognized as one of the best survival experts and snipers in the COG.

    Bernadette Mataki (Bernie to her friends) was present at some of the most important battles in the Pendulum Wars, the Battle of Shavad and the Battle of Aspho Fields where the COG stole the technology necessary to finish research and development on the hammer of dawn.

    Following the surrender of the UIR Bernie returned home to Galangi but having spent most of her life in the army struggled with an urge to return to active duty despite being in her late 40s.

    When E-day occured months later and the locust swarmed Sera, burning every city and killing every human they could find, Bernie was left stranded on the south islands without transport to the mainland.

    Forced to resign herself to sitting out the conflict despite her urge to rejoin 26RTI she set up a militia on Galangi despite the Locust inability to reach Galangi due to a volcanic trench in the ocean preventing them from tunnelling there.

    Several years after the hammer of dawn strikes on Sera by the COG to deny human assets to the locust and attempt to wipe out the horde on the ground. She recieved information from ocean bound stranded that Jacinto still stood as a COG bastion. Despite being thousands of miles away she sailed to the mainland over the course of years, landing at various stranded encampments to beg, borrow or steal passage closer to Jacinto.

    She finally arrived on the mainland and made contact with Delta squad initially by saving Dom's life, sniping a locust that had him by the throat several weeks after the lightmass bombing.

    Cole remarked upon meeting her that she had the 'handshake of a boomer' and from then on nicknamed her 'boomer lady'. Baird, with his typical antagonistic attitude took much longer to warm up to her and decided on a less flattering nickname of 'granny'. Something that got him punched by her very quickly.

    After the genocide, she and Colonel Hoffman are all that remains of their generation of 26RTI. They have a soft spot for the current generation of the Royal Tyran Infantry which consist of Delta squad. Bernie was also a close friend of the war hero Helena Stroud, Anya's mother, and promised to watch over her.


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