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    Jacinto Plateau

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    The only safe haven that the COG have from the Locusts so far...

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    The Fortress

        Jacinto Plateau is the last real human outpost left on Sera after Emergence Day when the locust hoard invaded. The reason for this being the plateau's composition is mostly hard granite which is very difficult for the corpsers to burrow through. The plateau is, however, riddled with utility tunnels and natural fissures, the COG military command's solution to this is to either seal these off or fill them with nerve gas, but despite their best efforts the horde still managed to eventually emerge ten years after E-day. They're are easily pushed back because the amount of time it takes for the tunnels to be dug is much higher than elsewhere on Sera.

    Fortification Act

    An act ratified by the COG which established martial law on Sera and allowed military commanders to turn Jacinto Plateau into an impenetrable fortress. This was widely popular despite the fact that anyone outside the borders of Jacinto became stranded and left to defend themselves.

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