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Dizzy Wallin
Dizzy Wallin

A former stranded turned reluctant soldier, Dizzy Wallin is torn between his distrust for the Coalition and doing what’s right for his family. As the Locust War escalated, Dizzy realized he was endangering his family by living outside Jacinto’s secure walls. Signing on with Operation Lifeboat, he joined the COG military in exchange for asylum for his wife and two daughters. Now an Assault Derrick driver, Dizzy may wonder if he traded one menace for another.

Although many believe Dizzy was killed by Skorge alongside Tai, Dizzy is later found by Marcus and Dom at Port Farral, the destination of COG forces after Jacinto is destroyed at the end of Gears Of War 2. Here Dizzy is reunited with his 16-year old twin daughters, Maralin and Teresa, amongst the evacuated civilians. He later meets with Delta squad in a bar at the new COG naval base on Vectes.

Dizzy has a reputation as an alcoholic and a skilled mechanic, and is flown in to fix specialist equipment as he has the self-proclaimed "Magic Touch" - however Dizzy's primary vehicle is his Grindlift Truck "Betty", which was the vehicle that ferried Marcus and Dom during the events of Gears Of War 2.

As a ex-member of the stranded Dizzy is often mistrusted by other members of the COG, but having proved himself during the assault on the locust he has earned the trust and respect of Delta Squad.

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