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    The leader of the Kantus Monks and the Queen's favourite Locust general.

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    Skorge is best known for his dual chainsaw staff, which can cut through a tank. Like most other Kantus monks, he also uses a Gorgon pistol and Ink grenades to subdue his targets.

    Skorge is at the top of the hierarchical chain of the Kantus monks. He shares the ability of all Kantus monks to emit a battle cry capable of healing Locust infantry units, even from the brink of death. But what made him the leader of the Kantus and the Queen's second in command was his affinity with the Riftworm, a massive rockworm that lay dormant underground. His singing was able to awake the gigantic Riftworm and allow him to command it with his voice. Skorge is thought to be a replacement to General RAAM of the first Gears of War, and is just as menacing. During the drill scene into the Hollow, Skorge arrives onto the battlefield. Marcus and Dom are already locked inside their grindlift, the device that the Coalition of Ordered Governments engineered to send Gears into the Locusts' underground home, and see Skorge cut through a centaur tank with his dual chainsaw staff. Tai Kaliso and Dizzy Wallin challenge him; Dizzy is able to escape, but Tai is defeated and captured.

    Near the ending of Act 4, Marcus and Dom finally fight Skorge in a boss battle. During this fight the player is faced with a pattern. Skorge at first attempts a chainsaw duel, once the player wins he will leap into cover and begin to thrown ink grenades and fire his Gorgon at the player. He then drops a chandelier and returns for another chainsaw duel. Once the player breaks his chainsaw staff, by sawing it in half, he then mounts his upgraded and superior Reaver, the Hydra. Marcus and Dom soon follow on hijacked Reavers. Their chase takes them to the surface, where Skorge calls Reaver reinforcements, but is eventually killed by Marcus and Dom.


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