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    General RAAM

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    General RAAM (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) was the main antagonist in Gears of War. RAAM has killed many high ranking COG soldiers such as Minh Young Kim. He is the final boss in Gears of War 1.

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    Gears of War

    General of Locust forces on Sera, General RAAM was a mysterious and ruthless individual. Appearing as a hulking Locust clad all in black, RAAM is the Locust Queen's loyal servant. He only appears a few times in the game, but always at critical junctures to antagonize Delta Squad.

    RAAM surrounded by a shroud of Kryll
    RAAM surrounded by a shroud of Kryll

    In his first appearance, RAAM leads an ambush on Delta Squad where he personally overpowers and kills Lieutenant Kim with a serrated sword. He is not seen again until after the failed implementation of the sonic resonator, where he is seen listening into a COG soldier's radio regarding the whereabouts of Delta Squad, until finally shooting the soldier in the head with a Boltok.

    RAAM makes one final appearance at game's end as a final obstacle to Marcus and Dom's deployment of the Lightmass Bomb. The general appears armed with a Troika machinegun and uses the Kryll as an organic shield. Somehow, RAAM has found a way to control the creatures at will, and is even able to send them at Dom and Marcus during the fight. He is finally killed by the pair after an extended battle.

    Gears of War 2

    If the player has completed the original Gears of War on hardcore, RAAM can be used as a character in Gears of War 2's multiplayer.

    Gears of War 3

    General RAAM does not appear in the main campaign in Gears of War 3. Rather, he is featured in the downloadable content RAAM's Shadow. During the approximately three-hour campaign, the player controls the general himself twice. RAAM uses his Kryll shield in spite of it being daylight. The Kryll absorb most incoming bullet damge, but grenades, rockets, and fire will dispel them temporarily. The Kryll also effectively function as RAAM's gun: he can send them out in a swarm to shred enemies. RAAM carries the blade with which he killed Kim in the first Gears of War. This sword can be used in essentially the same way as the Retro Lancer's bayonet, charging at enemies and impaling them. RAAM has a unique execution, wherein he lifts a downed Gear by the head before slicing it completely off.

    This content also unlocks RAAM for multiplayer use.


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