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Gridlock as seen in Gears of War
Gridlock as seen in Gears of War

Gridlock is a multiplayer map that first appeared in Gears of War. It is a symmetrical map set on a deserted Jacinto street with an adjacent boardwalk that overlooks the ocean. Abandoned and burned out vehicles are scattered about the map and can be used as cover. The elevated building set between two sides of the boardwalk is hotly contested as it holds the spawn for a Longshot sniper rifle - it also allows unobstructed views of the practically the entire map.

The appearance of Gridlock has changed drastically from game to game, although purely cosmetically - the layout and placement of cover and weapon spawns remains identical. In the first Gears of War, the area shows some deterioration, however in Gears of War 2, vehicles and buildings have become completely overgrown. For Gears of War 3, Gridlock was remade and now resembles Char, the Hammer of Dawn ravaged area visited during the game's campaign.

Gridlock is included on-disc in both Gears of War and Gears of War 3. In Gears of War 2, the map is included in the Flashback map pack - either a free unlock with the Limited Edition of the game or purchased through the Xbox Live Marketplace. Today, it remains a popular map with Gears of War players and its popularity and can be compared to Halo's Blood Gulch.

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