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    Lt. Minh Young Kim

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    The first leader of Delta Squad in Gears of War, an experienced and tough Gear who follows procedure and command to the letter.

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    Lieutenant Minh Young Kim was the leader of Delta Squad on the mission to rescue the LightmassBomb Resonator. After successfully rescuing Alpha Squad and retrieving the resonator, the COG soldiers were ambushed, and Kim was killed. As a result of his death, Marcus Fenix became leader of Delta Squad.

    Kim is a no-nonsense, by-the-book soldier. From his attitude towards Marcus, it's clear that he didn't want him as a member of his squad, but was simply obeying his orders.

    Evacuation of Ilima City

    After E-Day the Locust swept through the landscape leaving only burned husks remaining of once great cities. One of the cities to succumb to the might of the Horde was Ilima. Lt. Kim was ordered to assist with the evacuation of Ilima when E-Holes started sprouting up, releasing Seeders who in turn started to ink the sky with Nemacyst with the end result of creating a Kryll Storm to slaughter everyone inside the city limits. Kim and his current squad, Zeta fought their way through the city, saving Jace Stratton and protecting a convoy of Armadillo APCs from a Brumack ambush.

    Zeta continued their push inward, reaching a school where and evac center was located. Kim and his soldiers shrugged off repeated assaults from Tickers and Wretches culminating in a battle against a Berserker where they had to catch her on fire with exploding cars. The Lt. and company fought their way into Ilima's City Hall where a COG Command Center was located. After retaking city hall Zeta used the Hammer of Dawn located in the Command Center to destroy some of the Seeders, in a vain attempt to delay the Kryll Storm. Zeta's next move was to advance to an orphanage where Jace's Father was located, but when they arrived their APC was destroyed by General RAAM riding a customized Reaver. The soldiers were pinned down by advancing Locust forces and RAAM managed to flank undetected, picking up Jace and nearly impaling him, but at the last moment Valerez chainsaws RAAM's armor forcing him to drop Jace. The Lancer's bayonet doesn't get a hold on his armor and the General stabs her. As this happens Mihn turns around and sees the deed being done. This weighs heavily on his conscience and is also a foreshadowing of his own death. Zeta manages to drive RAAM off and goes off to finish him off. They first encounter his Elite Maulers, but they are dispatched quickly by the now vengeful squad. Next they destroy the Elite Theron and move on to the big man himself. Zeta returns to the orphanage in time to stop RAAM fully destroying it.

    In a long and hard battle the General is finally thrown from his Reaver and Zeta believes he is dead. As they evac on board a King Raven Lt. Kim sees RAAM rise from the ashes and Mihn rushes down to finish him off. But RAAM summons a swirling cloud of Kryll around him and sends them after Kim. Barrick, a member of Zeta pulls Kim out before he is cut to shreds by the razor winged beasts. Because of these events Kim has a burning hatred of RAAM above all other Locust.


    RAAM as he kills Kim
    RAAM as he kills Kim

    Lt. Kim was awaiting extraction by a King Raven Helicopter after Delta Squad had saved Alpha Squad, but as the King Raven approached it was taken down by a Nemacyst spore and crashed into the street. Ambushed by the Locust and his entire squad split up, Kim attempts to return fire and regroup his squad when he is attacked by General RAAM, who stabs him with a serrated sword and kills him. The rest of Alpha and Delta squads retreat into a nearby building, unable to rescue Kim.

    Lt. Kim is a playable multiplayer character in Gears of War 2, unlocked by having the 10 COG tags achievements from Gears of War. For Gears of War 3, Kim is included as a playable character skin in the RAAM's Shadow DLC pack.


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