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    Described as "Gun Porn" by its creators, Black is an explosion-filled first-person shooter from Criterion, the development house responsible for the Burnout series, which focuses on destructible environments.

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    no substance

     Black is probably one of the most hyped games that have came out in a while.. but after all the hype comes dissapointment.

    The Gameplay is pretty fun and exillerating. This game was described as "Gun Porn" and I can agree to some extent. It is fast and fun, there is always something to blow up and aww about. The opposition is pretty aggressive(especially the shotgun guys). There really aint to many things wrong here... the AI can get stupid from time to time and you might not be hinted on what to do next every once and a while, but there's not too many things wrong gameplay wise.

    Black has some of the best graphics for a FPS on the PS2 in quite some time. All environments are very detailed and rough looking, the guns all look shiny and they look like they have every last detail to a real actual gun. The animations are awesome(when you fire your weapon) and the explosions look very, very, perrdy. I wish that they would've tooken off the blur effect while reloading(or atleast made it an option to turn it off) because even though it's realistic, it becomes really annoying every now and then. Framerate rarely ever drops..

    Sound is terrific too... The guns sound like they ought too and it's nice that someone got the WHOOSH sound right(WHOOSH sound is very important). The voice acting is so-so, and the score is nice, but not great.

    Value: now, with all the nice things I've said about this game, you might be rushing to the door right now in order to pick this game up and play it... I'm here to say WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT!!... this game will take 8 year olds 7ish.. 8 hours to beat.. and after the lackluster story, that no one will be able to understand unless broken down to them... no one will care about the story.. and even though the levels were fun at first... you probably won't care to play the game over. THERE IS ALSO NO ONLINE PLAY!... If there was, I would recommend it.. no matter how lackluster the online could be.. it would be so fun to be able to unload a clip on your friend, BLACK style.

    so overall, I say maybe it's worth a rent.. it's a blast to play, but after that, you could have something to collect dust...    

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