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    Blackout is a mighty Decepticon warrior, powerful and massive. He carries the smaller Decepticon Scorpinok on his back

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    Blackout is a loyal minion of Megatron, and under his orders destroyed the Autobot city on Cybertron.  As one of the tallest and most powerful Decepticons, he is often sent into the front lines, and is used as a troop transport for his smaller brethren.   

    Blackout became a member of Starscream's team after Megatron left Cybertron in search of the Allspark. Blackout has never been impressed with Starscream’s leadership, however, and has told him so on several occasions.   

    The smaller Decepticon Scorpinok takes residence on Blackout's back, which provides the larger mechanoid much more firepower and a flanking option when needed.   


    Blackout, being one of the tallest and more powerful Decepticons, loves to fight. He is heavily armed, and a formidable close combat opponent, as such, he will destroy anything in his path, especially if it looks remotely like an Autobot.   

    He is fiercely loyal to Megatron, and doesn’t like that Starscream has been leading them for so long, openly calling out his commander on several occasions. 

    Like all Decepticons, Blackout cares for no one, including the symbiotic Decepticon, Scorpinok, who can live on his back, and has left him wounded in battle on several occasions.   


    Blackout transforms into a MH-53M Pave Low IV helicopter.

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