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    Blinky is a red ghost that appears in the Pac-Man series of games. He is the most aggressive out of the four ghosts.

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    Blinky, as he appears in Pac-Man Party
    Blinky, as he appears in Pac-Man Party

    Blinky (known in Japan as Akabei) is one of the four ghosts that chase Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and Pac-Man Jr. around in the Pac-Man game series. He was given the personality "Shadow" (also known in Japan as "Oikake", meaning "to pursue") due to constantly pursuing the player.


    In most classic Pac-Man games, he is always the first ghost to leave the central chamber into the maze and will always head towards the player's current position when in "chase" mode. After the player eats a certain number of dots, Blinky begins moving at a faster speed.

    In the Pac-Man World series, Blinky is erroneously depicted as the orange Ghost, and Clyde is depicted as red. The personalities of the Ghosts are kept the same, however, with the orange ghost being somewhat cowardly (despite being named Blinky) and the red ghost being the leader. In Pac-Man World 2, he attacks Pac-Man inside a volcano. Later, in Pac-Man World 3, he is a playable supporting character, allying himself with Pac-Man in order to battle Erwin and save Clyde and Inky. The name error is corrected in Pac-Man World Rally, where Blinky is a playable racer. He is also playable in the Mario Kart GP series.

    Special Appearances

    Pac-Man World

    Blinky is presented as a singular boss in the game. Ghost minions have a similar appearance to him.

    Pac-Man World 2

    Blinky appears as the final boss featured in the Megawhale submarine.

    Other Media

    Hanna-Barbera Cartoon

    In the Pac-Man animated series, the normally aggressive Blinky is depicted as somewhat dim-witted and slow.

    Fun Facts

    Blinky is the only Ghost present within Mario Kart Arcade GP.


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