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    The port town of Bloodstone is home to many bandits and pirates. Perhaps the seediest town in albion.

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    The town of Bloodstone is home to the hero of skill Reaver and is a lawless town full of bandits and pirates. It is located near Wraithmarsh and is based in the location where the mighty Twinblade once had his camp. The town economy is generally quite poor, although, as with everywhere else in Fable II, it can be improved by the players actions. A primary reason for Bloodstone's poor economy is its isolation from the rest of Albion, the only way to travel there is by boat from Westcliff. As the town basically has no laws, there are no guards, although the citizens take it upon themselves to defend there property. They also don't like it if you murder their friends.

    Jobs and Collectibles

    In Bloodstone there are a few things to do
    • Bartending
    • Buy Real Estate
    • Assassinations

    Collectibles in the city include:
    • 5 Silver Keys
    • 4 Gargoyles

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