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From a cutscene
From a cutscene
Blue Dragon Plus is a spin off from the well recieved 2007 Mistwalker JRPG Blue Dragon on the Xbox 360. This time on the DS the game focuses on group combat from an isometric perspective reminicent of Final Fantasy Tactics. The game takes place one year after the original Blue Dragon's story concluded, with the evil Nene and his followers threatening the world. However, the story is being designed to stand alone for those who skipped the original game. The combat uses the touch screen for all main controls, and the interface and overall gameplay is similar to Brownie Brown's other RTS RPG Heroes of Mana.

Gameplay is fast and frantic with plenty of enemies on screen at once. Areas are rendered in 3D which can be rotated with the use of the L and R buttons. The game also features plenty of fully rendered cut-scenes between missions which should help to expand the story of the original game.


Sakaguchi, Blue Dragon creator
Sakaguchi, Blue Dragon creator
The game is co-developed by feelplus and Brownie Brown but with strong creative input from Mistwalker and Hironobu Sakaguchi. The game is published by Ignition Entertainment and is the first game being worked on by the new Director of Business Development and former 1up Executive Editor Shane Bettenhausen.

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