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Sinclair User08/198623ZX Spectrum5 out of 5100
Clare EdgelyEnglish
Crash08/198620, 21ZX Spectrum94 out of 10094-English
Amtix01/1987138,139Amstrad CPC93 out of 10093
Massimo Valducci, Anthony Clarke, Richard EddyEnglish
ZZap!6412/1986136, 137C6493 out of 10093-English
Computer + Video Games08/198618, 19ZX Spectrum9.3 out of 1093
ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)07/198649ZX Spectrum9 out of 1090
Commodore User12/198667C649 out of 1090Bill ScoldingEnglish
Your Sinclair08/198630ZX Spectrum9 out of 1090Phil SouthEnglish
Happy Computer11/198693ZX Spectrum82 out of 10082Heinrich LehnhardtGerman
Happy Computer Sonderheft 17198652C6482 out of 10082Gregor Neumann, Boris Schneider-JohneGerman
Datormagazin12/19867C644 out of 580
Johan PetterssonSwedish
Micro Hobby10/198614, 15ZX Spectrum7.7 out of 1077
Amstrad Action02/198759Amstrad CPC76 out of 10076
Tilt03/198727Amstrad CPC14 out of 2070
Amstradebdo12/19869Amstrad CPC11 out of 2055-French
ZX Computing08/198653ZX Spectrum--
George DuvalEnglish

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