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    Ever since Pac-Man, games have had us navigating mazes.

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    A maze is a puzzle where you must find the exit. It's usually a series of branching corridors with only one exit. It's easy to get lost in a maze. Certain games such as Pac-Man give you an overhead view of the maze. The goal isn't to escape but rather to collect things. Other games have you navigating mazes trying to find an exit. In such cases, a maze can come in different forms. It can be a series of branching corridors, underground tunnels, different rooms that you must teleport to, a series of moving platforms, mazes have come a long way since Pac-Man.

    Mazes are sometimes full of enemies that can attack you by surprise when you turn a corner. Sometimes there are puzzles inside the maze that you must solve like in God of War 3. Navigating a maze demands a good memory and orientation. Rushing into a maze is an easy way to get lost, which leads to frustration. Sometimes, mazes are just meant for decoration in a garden.


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