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    Boo Moon Galaxy

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    A world 5 galaxy in galaxy 2.

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    Boo Moon Galaxy is a World 5 galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It's your typical haunted level, complete with Boos and other eerie elements.  

    Main Star Levels

    Silver Stars Pop-Up

    Mario is first seen flying towards a dark sphere. This sphere is basically a giant maze full of Boos Mario (or Luigi) must dodge while attempting to find the exit.  Somewhere on the planet is a Warp Pad which leads to a flat bonus planet with  seven Jack O' Goombas. These Goombas releases Blue Flames once in a while. Touching a Blue Flame will set Mario (or Luigi) on fire for a short duration.  Killing all seven Goombas nets three 1-up Mushrooms that will spawn from the middle of the planet.
    When Mario (or Luigi) reaches the Launch Star, it will send either towards a swamp planet.  As the warning signs would indicate, touching the toxic water will result in Instant Death. The clue is to navigate through the deadly swamp by means of purple Snake Block platforms
    and survive until  they reach their destination. There are Octoboos on this planet (a combined form of Octoomba and Boo) that may knock Mario's (or Luigi's) into the swamp. At the end of its path, there is a small island with a Checkpoint Flag and another Snake Block platform.
    This platform works similarly to the  previous but will also raise and lower at certain points. Along the route is a Question Coin which will create a line of musical notes.  If Mario (or Luigi) collects them all, a 1-Up Mushroom will spawn in mid-air.  

    After this segment there's a short jump to another platform. In close proximity is a ramp that indicates a change in gravity.  After the platform has moved through the ramp it will start to move faster, and expand/retract in an erratic manner. There's a Question Block right before the second ramp which contains some Star Bits. The ramp indicates yet another change in gravity.  A Comet Medal can be seen floating in mid-air, followed by a Launch Star which will send Mario (or Luigi) to a crescent moon.  The moon is essentially a Balance Platform , on where Mario (or Luigi) must collect five Launch Star pieces in order to progress.  Falling off either side of the moon is not recommended, as it will lead to Instant Death.

    The assembly of the Launch Star allows Mario (or Luigi) to fly to the last destination of this level. It is a flat planet that resemble a pop-up book.
    Boos inhabit this area, as well as Silver Stars which need to be collected. In one of the corners is a Button Switch, that upon activation will raise a wall and some platforms.  A 1-Up Mushroom can be found at the top of the wall.  Upon collecting all the Silver Stars, they will unify and transform into an easily accessible Power Star. Take this star to complete the level.

    Haunting the Howling Tower

    Mario is once again seen flying  towards the dark maze planet. This time Luigi is nowhere to be found. There's a new path in the maze that leads to a Warp Pipe, which in turn leads to a place that closely resembles a haunted house. A Checkpoint Flag is at the very beginning of this segment. Immediately after is an elevated platform with a Boo Mushroom.  

    By transforming into Ghost Form, Mario is able to bypass various obstacles by turning himself invisible. Octoboos are floating around aimlessly here, and should be avoided. There are also giant fans that create powerfull gusts that can knock Mario into Spiny Hermits if he's not carefull.  Having avoided more enemies and navigate through the corridors, a Power Star is waiting at the top, surrounded by three Octoboos. 
    Avoid them and grab the star to finish the level.

    Bonus Stars

    Hidden Star: Silver Star Pop-Ups

    This is roughly the normal Silver Star Pop-Ups level, albeit with a few small differences. Follow the route through the swamp until the Launch Star is reached.  Wait for the platform to stop, then jump on the platform that emerges and once again on the smaller four-squared platform. This Snake Platforms moves faster than the others and Octoboos will frequently cross Mario's path. At the end of this segment there's another Power Star eager to be collected.

    Green Prankster Comet

    Green Star # 1 
    Navigate through the maze and reach the Launch Star that goes to the toxic swamp. Survive the Snake Platform journey but do not enter the Launch Star when you reach it. Instead, jump on the emerging platform and then on the smaller platform (the same path Mario used to get to the Hidden Star. Immediately after passing the Octoboos, the Green Star should be visible at the left edge of the screen. This star can only be reached by performing a Long Jump, immediately followed by a Spin.
    Green Star #2
    Navigate through the maze and locate the Launch Star. Traverse through the swamp, but this time, enter the Launch Star. On the crescent moon, the Green Star can be seen right below the moon. Mario needs to  jump off the moon's left side, fall, and then perform a Spin move to reach this star.
    Green Star #3
    The third and last Green Star  is stationed at the very end of the level. Hit the Button Switch located in a corner to raise the wall with the platforms.  Climb up to the top with the 1-Up Mushroom and then Long jump in order to get the Star that hover above the middle of the planet.

    Enemies & Hazards

    The following is a list of enemies and other hazards Mario might encounter in this galaxy.


    • Boo
    • Octoboo
    • Spiny Hermit


    • Blue Flame
    • Endless Abyss
    • Toxic Swamp (Instant Death)

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