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    A Welsh archer in Bladestorm. After being rejected by the English army due to her youth and gender, she makes her name known as a mercenary that hunts only nobles in order to gain the attention of Edward, the Black Prince.

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    Branwyn is a skilled NPC archer in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War.  She journeyed from Wales with the hopes of using her superb talents as a member of the English army.  However, she was rejected immediately based on her age and gender without being given the chance to demonstrate her abilities.  After this humiliation, she becomes a mercenary.
    As a mercenary, Branwyn chooses to only target nobles.  The player is also given the option of participating in a side-mission to help her achieve this goal.  Eventually, when she finds herself on the same battlefield with Edward, the Black Prince of England, she pushes herself to his side and requests that her talents be put to the test so that she can join the English army.  Edward says he'll consider it based on her performance in the coming battle.
    Following the battle, Edward deems Branwyn's performance exemplary and makes amends for the earlier slight by personally offering her a place in the army.  Branwyn accepts and officially becomes a member of the English forces.

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