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    One of the so called "Celtic nations" that today are part of the United Kingdom, and home of the Welsh language.

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    Wales (or Cymru in Welsh) is a country that is part of the United Kingdom, bordered by England to the east. The capital city of Wales is Cardiff (or Caerdydd in Welsh).

    Known for its rough coastal terrain, mountain ranges and unique Celtic culture, Wales is often poetically referred to as the "land of song" by several authors and artists.

    Despite English being the majority language spoken, Wales has its own language which evolved from the Brittany region of northern France. Welsh is roughly spoken by over 500,000 people - primarily in the central and northern areas of Wales.

    Game Appearances

    Wales appears mostly in sports games. Their soccer team is insignificant on the world stage, so appears in few games. Their rugby team, however, has won several international trophies. In cricket, England and Wales field a joined team. The country's rugged, mountainous terrain makes it a good setting for rally driving.

    A number of game characters are from Wales, one such example being Edward Kenway from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

    Fable series

    The Fable series draws heavy inspiration from Welsh and English folklore and culture. The geography of Albion bears similar resemblance to Wales. Additionally, Sabine - a character from Fable III - speaks in a Welsh accent.


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