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    DiRT Rally

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Dec 07, 2015

    A new rally focused entry in Codemasters' DiRT franchise.

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    DiRT Rally is a rally style racing game developed by Codemasters Racing and published by Codemasters for PC, Linux, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

    DiRT Rally entered Early Access in May 2015, and is a return to the classic rallying style that the Colin McRae Rally franchise was known for, before bearing the DiRT name. The game was officially launched on Steam on December 7th with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases on April 5th 2016.


    In its initial stage, it features fourteen cars over a variety of eras of rallying, and three different environments to race in (Greece, Wales and Monte Carlo) with another three being added in the final release.

    The game features crew management, wherein players have to hire up to four engineers in order to be able to better maintain your car through longer rallies, and reduce time spent on repairs. There are perks that each engineer can unlock to enable additional benefits, such as reduced time unlocking further upgrades for car classes or drivetrains.

    There are also daily, weekly, and monthly challenge rallies, where players get one attempt at a stage in a preset car in the daily challenge, or in the weekly and monthly challenges, a chance to take in vehicles and see how they fare against the community, and pay out in accordance to the final leaderboard standings. Private community leagues, managed via RaceNet, also appear as a takeover from the GRID series.


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