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    Colin McRae Rally

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    Colin McRae Rally was a successful long-running series of rally racing games developed by Codemasters.

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    The Colin McRae Rally series of games was named after the legendary rally driver Colin McRae, who helped with the games' development. The first game was released on the PlayStation One in 1998, and became an instant hit. It went on to spawn many sequels throughout the years, and the series remains popular to this day.

    Since Colin McRae's death in September 2007, Codemasters has made his role less prominent, and the last two games were released as DiRT and DiRT 2 in North America. In Europe however, the two first DiRT games were still released as Colin McRae: DiRT. Before releasing DiRT 3, Codemasters finally decided it was time to respectfully drop the Colin McRae name from the game.

    DiRT 2 was the final game to include Colin's name in the title (though only in Europe), and contains a touching tribute to him from the makers of the game.


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