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    Bravil is the poorest town in Cyrodiil. It is located on the west coast of the Niben Bay. It would be quite appropriate to call it the ghetto of Oblivion.

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    "Bravil is the dark grate of the sewer drain where foul and unappetizing debris collects."
    -- Alesia Ottus, Guide to Bravil


    Located on the west coast of the Niben Bay, Bravil is one of the many towns located in Cyrodiil. The town is ruled by Count Regulus Terentius, a former tournament champion. Channels of the Larsius River flow through the town, creating a unique landscape. The town is noted for it's interesting architecture. Houses are small and built right on top of each other, in contrast to other towns of Cyrodiil, where homes are larger and spaced apart. Unfortunately, Bravil is the poorest of the towns in Cyrodiil.


    Bravil is notoriously known as the worst place to live in Cyrodiil. Home to criminals, drunkards, and "skooma suckers", Bravil seems to attract the worst people in Cyrodillian society. While having a few skilled laborers, the majority of Bravil's people are largely unskilled and unemployed. Beggars are very prevalant.

    Count Regulus Terentius

    "The Count is too preoccupied with his pastimes to spend time on county affairs. So the burden lies on me." If that quote from Dro'Nahrahe, a Khajit that works in the castle in Bravil, wasn't evidence enough of the count's character, a visit to the count himself may give you a more accurate picture of him. When asked about his town, Terentius replied, "Yes, yes, Count of Bravil. Are you a foreigner? Do yourself a favor. Learn the basic about the places you visit. There. Problem solved." Obviously, the count is not a person of character. Allesia Ottus, author of Guide to Bravil, says in her book, "Count Regulus Terentius, from a repsectable family, once a noted tournament champion, is now widely recognized by his people as a drunken wastrel and ne'er-do-well." She also describes his son, Gellius, as "a strutting peacock who cultivates the society of crimelords and skooma-eaters." There are no other noted heirs to the throne. If you sneak into the castle and into Gellius' room, you will find a small storage behind his bed that has skooma.

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