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Emperor Bog is getting really angry about the delays of his plans on invading the Earth. He comes up with new plans to use an army of robots to do his dirty work, and speed his plans along. The Butt-Ugly Martians know that the only way to save the Earth is to travel to distant worlds and battle all the robots, and defeat the alien leaders. The Butt-Uglies decided to transform themselves into Butt Kicking Mode to give them that extra boost to help save the Earth.


There are a total of seven different worlds ranging from down under the sea, to being in space with asteroids. To help save the Earth you must go through each level and defeat the enemies. When you get to the end of each level you have to try and defeat the evil alien that is helping Emperor Bog. In order to get to the boss you have to find the colored keys that unlock the force fields. Then work your way towards the teleporter. You will receive passwords at the end of each level so you can pick up where you left off without having to start over.


When you play through levels you will have the opportunity to switch characters. This can be effective for certain things, like getting certain objects or just giving your other characters a much needed rest.  Here is the list of characters:


He is the red Butt-Ugly and he has the most powerful blasting ability. He does the most damage out of the whole group.


He is the blue one, and he has the toughest armor. He is the one who is able to take a beating.


He is the one in the yellow, and he is really quick on his feet. He is easily the fastest one of the group and can evade enemy fire easier.

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