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    Call of Duty Elite

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    Elite was an out-of-game service that allows Call of Duty players to "connect, compete, and improve."

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    Call of Duty Elite Logo
    Call of Duty Elite Logo

    The Call of Duty Elite service was a website focusing on social interactions between members of the Call of Duty community. It operated on a subscription model that gave players access to bonus content such as additional maps and several performance-gauging features based on real-world stock-trading websites. However, one did not have to be a paying member to use the site.

    When the service was announced, Activision President and CEO Bobby Kotick revealed that he was not concerned about people upset about the service because it is not required to play online, and DLC maps will still be sold separately.

    The service permanently closed down on February 28th, 2014.


    An image of the website
    An image of the website

    The website's main goal is to bring the Call of Duty community together. It also allows players to form groups and make friends this way. People can easily search existing groups or create one. To create a group all one has to do is hash tag the name they want to use for the group and the group is created (an example of a group name: #Example). People can join groups with others who have similar interests. It has not been said if joining this will give certain weapons early or other items that might give paying people an advantage over non paying people. People can easily share videos that you've created in Theater mode with members of their group or show them to the rest of the community where it can be commented on. Videos can also be uploaded to Facebook from the site.

    The site isn't all about sharing and forming groups. It also serves a sort of FAQ, giving people tips on what weapons are best for each map and in depth reports on maps and weapons. By syncing one's PSN, Xbox Live, or Steam account to the site, one can view on which maps they perform the best on or what is their most used weapons. Not only that but it shows people a variety of stats that range from where they camp the most to win/loss ratio. For the moment, the website reads stats off Call of Duty: Black Ops and will read stats off Modern Warfare 3 when the game is released.

    The game also lets players take place in operations which are challenges that they complete in game. Through these challenges players can win real prizes. When the service was revealed, a Jeep was suggested as one of the possible prizes.


    Free Features

    • Upload 30-second videos to Youtube
    • Videos tagged with all players
    • Streaming and sharing
    • Career Stats
    • Heat Maps
    • Change and update loadouts from anywhere
    • Facebook Friend Import
    • Weapon Performance Stats
    • Cross Device Messaging
    • Customized by interests + affinities
    • Identify group members in-game
    • Group Leaderboards + Message boards
    • Creating and joining free groups
    • Console, phone, and tablet apps
    • One exclusive clan title card and emblem

    Subscription Features

    • Downloadable Content (Which can also be bought separately without subscribing.)
    • Video series with Will Arnett and Jason Bateman
    • Video series with Ridley and Tony Scott
    • Participating in events and winning prizes
    • Leveling up your clan
    • Eight times the video sharing capacity
    • Strategy pages on weapons, etc. written by experts
    • All exclusive clan title cards and emblems
    • Premium group access

    Founder Features

    Those who purchase the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 3 or subscribe to the service before November 13th 2011, will obtain Founder status.

    • Unique camouflage
    • Unique Call of Duty ELITE profile skin
    • Special player card and emblem
    • Access to #Founder group
    • Clan XP Boost
    • Exclusive prizes and competitions

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