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More of the same and little else than that

 Lets face it, if you even having a passing interest in videogames and have an xbox 360 you've heard of Modern Warfare 2. It's the definition of a game that needs no introduction really, coming from two predecessors that met unbelievable success and a hype train that even over shadows that of Halo 3 and GTA IV. I may even be just preaching to the choir considering the staggering week one sales. Still I always love putting in my two cents.

Modern Warfare 2 takes place shortly after CoD4. The Russians are angry at you and I don't really care to talk much more about the plot firstly because I'd be spoiling alot of it and secondly because it's honestly not all that memorable aside from the constant string of scripted, albeit cool sequences. It doesn't really carry the same gravity or believability that the other entries had but it feels more like an over the top action movie now. Other than the constant shock n' awe moments that are tirelessly thrown at you nothing else is really that memorable in terms of plot and characters.

Not that thats a huge deal since the game is still plenty fun. Infinite spawning enemies are finally gone making Veteran a plausible choice for human beings. Not only that but the sound track is a noticeable step up for the series standard. One of my friends pointed out that it sounded sorta like something from Pirates of the Caribbean and she was spot on as I recently found out the composer of the trilogy was on board for Modern Warfare 2. Everything that made the past couple of Call of Duty titles fun are still here along with a few new toys. Of course these are best put in action in the multiplayer portion of the game. 

The competitive multiplayer works almost exactly the same as it did in the last two Call of Duty games. You have your kill streak bonuses(self explanatory) and perks that enhance player traits such as allowing you to sprint with out ever tiring or the ability to have multiple weapon attachments. You still have the unlockables although now you can also unlock titles and emblems that show up on your gamertag in multiplayer lobbies. Those aren't significant additions but they're still pretty neat.

There is the addition of death streak and customizable kill streak bonuses. Death streaks are a welcome addition, helping to cushions some of the blows the losing team may receive although they could have been more useful. About the customizable kill streaks, players can unlock and choose from a number of a few kill streaks bonuses they can use in matches. 

On the subject of kill streak bonuses though there are some ridiculous ones in this game. One killstreak allows the player to man a AC130 giving them more power than any player should ever have. I've only been able to use this a few times myself thanks to care packages and I was shooting the living crap out of the other team even though they were taking refuge in a building.

Speaking of the care package it is a good addition to the multiplayer. After like four kills you can call in a care package which is a box dropped by some plane. The box will contain any number of possible killstreack bonuses like air strikes, the AC130 or a simple UAV. It's a great way to let lesser skilled player get a hold of some of the killer killstreak bonuses they may never other wise get to use.

Modern Warfare 2 comes with a very respectable map total of sixteen. Regardless I can't really say these are the best the series have seen. Alot of them are bigger than they need to be which have resulted in a good amount of matches where'd I'd be running around for minutes during a match before I'd actually find someone to shoot. There aren't alot of landmarks or distinguishing areas in some of the maps so it's not too easy to call out locations of enemies. Not saying the maps are bad, just saying not a whole lot of them feel too great. 

Over all Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer experience is just as good as the last two's. If you were a fan of them you'll likely enjoy Modern Warfare 2 and it's changes and adjustments on the winning formula. If not theres really nothing here thats going to change your mind.

Unfortunately the campaign like Call of Duty 4 lacks such a basic feature as co-op, something even Treyarch was able to incorporate in the last Call of Duty game. To sort of make up for this Modern Warfare 2 includes a Spec Ops mode which is a collection of assorted missions using assets from the Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty 4 campaigns. Most of these missions involve players either killing a bunch of enemies or walking from one end of the level to the other. Hell, both sometimes. It can be fun, but it just isn't as fun or addicting as World at War's Nazi Zombie mode. Once you three star a mission theres not much motivation to play again if you even want to go as far as to three star it.

Despite my mostly jaded sounding views on the game Modern Warfare 2 is good. if you liked Call of Duty 4 or World at War and want more of the same then get Modern Warfare 2. Just remember, it's more of the same and not much else.    

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