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    A general from Grust, he led the invasion of Archanea.

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    BS Fire Emblem

    Camus was a well respected member of Grustian royal court, and advanced up the ranks quickly to becoming leader of the Sable Order. When Medeus returned from the dead, Camus and his fellow general Lorenz tried to convince King Ludwik against forming an alliance with Dolhr. Despite their efforts, Ludwik was a cowardly man and quickly joined forces with Medeus.

    Camus was chosen to lead the Grust army against the armies of Altea and Archanea at the Menedy River in Gra. With assistance from King Jiol, Camus was able to defeat the Altean king Cornerlius, and eliminate the Altean army. With the Alteans defeated, Camus quickly conquered the Millennium Palace, where he met Princess Nyna. Camus was easily smitten by her beauty and spunk, and convinced her against suicide, encouraging her to live to see Archanea restored.

    Days after the fall of the palace, Camus discovered thieves trying to steal treasure amid all the chaos. He originally wanted to send Rickard to the dungeon, but when he saw the Macedon priestess Lena participating he lost his edge. At Nyna's request, he escorted Rickard, Lena, Castor, Navarre, Dice, and Maris out of the palace, and away from the Dolhr army.

    Eventually, Medeus grew impatient with Camus refusing to hand over Nyna. He ordered his subordinate Bulzark to capture Nyna and bring her to Dolhr. Camus caught wind of this plot and arranged for Nyna to be escorted to Prince Hardin in Aurelis. With his subordinates Belf, Raiden, and Roberto; Camus successfully got Nyna to safety, unfortunately he was captured in the process. Medeus had Camus stripped of rank and imprisoned for treason against Dolhr.

    Shadow Dragon

    Camus was spared from death by the intervention of King Ludwik, the weak king begged Medeus to release Camus, saying that Camus would never act against them again. As a sign of good faith, Medeus released Camus but ordered him to be held under close watch. Briefly, Camus went to Gra and gave Prince Marth the Thoron magic tome that had belonged to Boah. He asked Marth to keep Nyna safe, and ensured Marth that they would meet again.

    The two men soon met each other again on the field of battle, as Marth tried to capture the Grusthold, capital of Grust. Nyna begged for Camus to join her side, but Camus refused, saying that he could never betray his king again. He told Nyna to find a man who bring joy into her life, and proceeded to battle against the Archanean League to the death.


    Contrary to most beliefs, Camus did not die fighting against Marth. He somehow managed to escape the battlefield and ended up travelling on a ship to a distant land. The ship was hit with a nasty storm and sank at sea, however Camus floated alone to Rigel, a kingdom on northern Valencia. King Rudolf of Rigel discovered Camus, and had him sent to the castle for medical treatment. Upon his awakening, Camus had lost his memories of his home, his life, and Nyna. The priestess Teeta looked after him, and soon the two found themselves falling in love. Rudolf gave Camus a new name, Zeke, and appointed him as a general in his army.

    When Alm began his invasion of Rigel, Zeke's rival Jerome and the necromancer Nuibaba took Teeta hostage to guarantee Zeke's cooperation. When Zeke discovered that Teeta had been rescued by Alm, he abandoned Jerome and returned to the near by village. Originally, Zeke turned down Alm's request to join his army, but changed his mind when he saw the cross shaped birthmark on his right arm. Zeke explained that Rudolf had told him to protect such a man with his life, and as such he joined the liberation army.

    After the war, Zeke regained his lost memories. He disappeared without a word, though Teeta knew that he would return to her some day.

    Mystery of the Emblem

    Camus returned to Archanea wearing a white mask and adopted the name Sirius. When he discovered that the Prince Yubello and Princess Yumina were being attacked by General Lang, he quickly allied with Ogma and Marth to protect the heirs to the Grust throne. Marth and Ogma both tried to convince Sirius that he was Camus, but he denied every accusation they threw at him. When his former subordinates tried to convince him to reveal himself, Sirius asked them to respect his wishes and accept that Camus the Sable was no longer a part of their world.

    During the final showdown with Medeus, Sirius broke Nyna out of her trance imposed on her by Gharnef. She begged him to stay with her, but again he denied being Camus. He apologized to Nyna and left Archanea for the last time.


    Camus later appears in Fire Emblem: Awakening, DLC chapter; Aother Story: Light veresus Dark (Light Side). In this map, Camus leads an army of previous Fire Emblem villains and characters who made their debut as enemy units. The player teams up with Prince Marth, and upon completion of the level they are awarded with a unique Great Knight Ephraim.


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