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    Ephraim is the prince of Renais, twin brother of Eirika and one of the main characters in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

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    "I will be king. The type of king we often spoke of... Strong and kind in measure: an ideal king. The people of Renais and Grado are under my protection, and I won't fail them. Watch and see..." -- Ephraim, to Eirika in the epilogue.

    Ephraim likes to spar. As such, he dislikes noble and courtly matters, wishing instead to be a mercenary when he is old enough. Protective of his sister and confident of his skills, both tactical and with a lance, he makes it rather clear that you don't want him as an enemy. However, he is not all competition (as proven by his bouts with Innes) and to hell with nobility as proven by his friendliness to Lyon, who is sickly and often alone. Of course, when it comes time to take back Renais, he isn't ready to be a king yet, but he's determined to do what's best. He's not as expressive as his sister, but he does show concern for his knights and little sister figures occasionally. He's also rather oblivious to women who feel affection towards him.


    Ephraim is first playable in Chapter 5x: Unbroken Heart. He is attempting to disrupt Grado military's efficiency by creating a guerilla campaign. He and a few of his knights manage to capture Fort Renvall, but end up surrounded by Grado's reinforcements. When faced by Valter's wyvern knights, Ephraim is forced to retreat by cutting his way through them. Later on in the story, Eirika arrives at Fort Renvall to find her brother. She is instead greeted by Orson, who offers to lead her to her brother's prison cell. Eirika's knight, Seth, sees through this ruse and exposes him as a traitor when Orson's reinforcements arrive. Ephraim arrives at the castle later with Kyle and Forde, and they meet up with Eirika's group to seize the fort. After being reunited, they retire to Frelia to plan their next move. The twins will also wonder what has become of their peace-loving friend, the prince of Grado, Lyon.

    Role in Eirika's Story

    He comes to her rescue at the end of this story.

    Role in Ephraim's Story

    While Eirika sails to Rausten and Innes goes to Jehanna, Ephraim will attack Castle Grado directly. Of course, on this route, Ephraim would frequently be pitted against hired mercenary groups that desire to capture him. He arrives at Fort Rigwald and finds his and Eirika's friend, Tana, imprisoned there. After freeing her, they recruit the Obsidian General and Ephraim's former teacher, Duessel, who tells Ephraim of a "Dark Stone." It's a substance that Lyon extracted from the Sacred Stone of Grado. They believe that it may be due to the Dark Stone that Emperor Vigarde has changed and declared war. Lyon carries it with him, and he's at the capital, so that's where they'll head next. They take a sea route and end up fighting against a ship filled with creatures summoned by General "Blood Beryl" Riev of Grado. After destroying the ship and recruiting L'Arachel and her bodyguard, Dozla, they arrive in Grado.

    Of course, they are then attacked by Grado's forces as well as more remnants summoned by Riev. Shortly after, they reluctantly face the Fluorspar General, Selena, and defeat her, receiving Myrrh's Dragonstone in the process. They then go to Castle Grado and defeat Emperor Vigarde, whose body crumbles to dust after seizing the throne. Ephraim meets Lyon again, but the boy has clearly changed since the young lord has seen him last. The prince informs him that they are now enemies, and he has started the war. After Lyon teleports away, an allied soldier runs up to Ephraim with news of finding someone in the prison cells. They meet Knoll, a researcher of ancient magic and an assistant of Lyon's until the prince had ordered his execution. Knoll then explains what he saw when Emperor Vigarde was resurrected, and Lyon's peaceful demeanor had changed with the presence of the Dark Stone. News arrives that Eirika is under attack in Jehanna by General "Tiger Eye" Caellach and Valter the Moonstone. Ephraim's immediate orders are to rescue her.

    Note: Events unique to Ephraim's storyline (Lyon and Selena's fates) are quickly explained when reuniting with Eirika, which makes Ephraim's story have less in-depth storytelling than Ephraim's route. For whatever reason, the events unique to Eirika's storyline (Valter's murder of Glen, Caellach's murder of Queen Ismaire, and the fact that Joshua is the prince of Jehanna) go unmentioned in Ephraim's storyline.

    After Reuniting

    Upon Caellach and Valter's defeat, Ephraim and Eirika head home to Renais since Grado has been defeated. They find their kingdom under the tyrannical rule of Orson. Upon his defeat, they find an animated corpse who resembles Orson's wife, Monica, in the traitor's chamber. Her mannerisms are similar to those of Vigarde's. As it is not truly alive anymore, Ephraim takes it upon himself to destroy her. Renais is secured, and the twins receive Renais' legendary weapons, Sieglinde (for Eirika) and Siegmund (for Ephraim) as well as their sacred stone. They then head to Rausten to protect the last stone. Frelia's reinforcements have been annihilated except for their commander, Syrene, who joins their army. The twins find Lyon once again, but something has changed about him. They pursue him once he vanishes into the mountains, but they are led into a trap filled with Gorgons. Once they escape, Ephraim finds Lyon again.

    After his conversation with L'Arachel about Lyon's supposed irreversible fate, Ephraim is determined to be the one to end Lyon's life. And yet, once he meets with the demon king, he can't help but ask if Lyon can return once he kills the Demon King that has stolen his friend's body and consumed his soul. The Demon King laughs at this and taunts the lord into charging at him. Unfortunately, Lyon freezes him and teleports near him. He takes the Sacred Stone from the lord and crushes it. Lyon resurfaces after a bit of talking, and Ephraim asks how and why it's come to this. The Demon King still controls his actions, however, as he makes Lyon state that everything was no fault of a "Demon King" but his own. As Lyon teleports away, Ephraim tries to convince himself that it's all a lie.

    Ephraim and Eirika then rest in Rausten and obtain the only surviving sacred stone. The castle is then invaded by Riev, but that attack is defended against. The army then charges into Darkling Woods to stop Lyon from performing a ceremony that the Demon King has tricked what remains of Lyon into believing that will save the world from future disaster. Alas, the twins are too late. Despite Ephraim's last attempts to convince Lyon, his friend dies, and the ceremony has instead resurrected the Demon King and mastermind behind all events thus far, Fomortiis. They seal his soul, but must destroy his body.

    The battle is over, the people return home with new goals in mind. Seth tells Ephraim of a landslide in Grado that destroyed whole cities. Ephraim has made up his mind to journey there, but orders Eirika to stay in Renais, as the recovering kingdom still needs a ruler. Before he leaves, he declares that he will be the ideal king with Renais and Grado under his protection.

    Military Affiliation

    With Eirika fighting for Renais and siding with Frelia, there's no way Ephraim will ever join the other side.


    Ephraim has a total of seven supports: Eirika, Kyle, Forde, Myrrh, L' Arachel, Duessel, and Tana.

    In his conversation with Eirika, he asks if she is all right. Eirika will say that she's here to fight, so he doesn't need to be so protective. He then tries to stroke her face because he thinks she looks upset (and he always did it when they were younger) but ends up embarrassing and angering her. When next they meet, Ephraim is instructing her in how to better tone her skills with a sword. After a while, she asks why men fight if they know that cooperation brings more than conquest. He replies that he doesn't know; it's probably because he's a man that he lives for battle to see how far he's come. Eirika requests that if he must fight, then at least do it for the good of the people. He nearly scoffs because his sister just accused him of being psychotic. As if he was that far gone! When next they meet, the twins acknowledge that their journey's almost over. Since Lyon is gone, Eirika asks Ephraim to stay with her. He says that they are twins, they've been together since they were born, and they will stay that way.

    In his conversation with Kyle, the knight is openly upset that Ephraim charged into battle even after he was injured. Morale would be shattered if the lord were to fall. Ephraim reluctantly concedes to him before leaving shortly after. When next they meet, Kyle asks if Ephraim remembers the order he agreed to. Of course, Ephraim does, but he is thinking of revoking it. Kyle tells him that he cannot allow him to do that, leaving the lord frustrated with the knight's tendency to overprotect. When next they meet, Kyle apologizes. In battle, he remembers something that Ephraim had told him a long time ago. He had forgotten that their bond was deeper and thought himself only a lowborn knight. Ephraim explains that he was raised to be distant and rule his people from above. He cannot afford to feel any real affection for anyone. But even then, he still considers the few, Eirika, Forde, and Kyle, to be his real family. They then agree to fight alongside each other.

    In his conversation with Forde, Ephraim finds the knight hiding something. Forde denies everything, but eventually lets Ephraim see what it is he's hiding. Ephraim questions why the knight had a painting in the middle of battle, and Forde says that it's a map for battle strategy. Ephraim points out that the painting is more of a landscape. The lord compliments on the detail, but advises Forde to be more vigilant. When next they meet, Ephraim checks in on Forde and comments on how the knight always seems half asleep compared to his younger brother, Franz. Forde then remarks that when compared to Ephraim, his twin sister is kind and thoughtful. They then muse on what it's like when held to their sibling's standards and decide that they should end this war for them. When next they meet, Ephraim asks the knight if he could see the painting again. Forde one ups the request by giving the painting to him. The lord asks him if he ever studied painting, and the knight replies that he didn't. He painted for Franz when they were younger. Their father wasn't home much, and his little brother would cry because of it. When he made a picture of their parents, Franz stopped. He painted ever since. Forde then asks Ephraim for a vacation, to which the lord replies that he'll have to earn it if he wants it.

    For Ephraim's conversation with Myrrh, please check Myrrh's page under the header "Supports." Myrrh only has three supports, so it shouldn't be hard to miss.

    In his conversation with L'Arachel, the lord is questioned by the troubadour about his reason for being here instead of killing something. Ephraim then explains to her the significance of tactics and waiting for the right moment to strike. She thinks that he might just be making time to hang out her. Ephraim doesn't share her thoughts. When next they meet, she asks about his reckless behavior, and he replies that he knows the risks. That's why he's willing to take them. She then asks if he has any scars that she could tend to. He thanks her and proceeds to show her the scar on his shoulder by taking off the shoulder guard when she panics, starts yelling insults, and runs off. The lord is then left confused. When next they meet, Ephraim asks why she did that. She says that she's never seen a man naked before he reminds her that it was just a naked shoulder. She is upset again because it was a big deal for her. Ephraim attempts to placate her, but she keeps finding reasons to be upset and runs off. He thinks it's a shame she's so confusing because she was rather cute.

    For Ephraim's conversation with Duessel, please check Duessel's page under the header "Supports." Duessel only has four supports, so it shouldn't be hard to miss.

    In his conversation with Tana, the pegasus knight is happy to see him. The lord asks her to pull back since she might be targeted by archers. She refuses because she wants to go where he goes. After a while, he concedes, and they go together. When next they meet, Tana asks him if he remembers when they first met. Of course he does, it was her birthday. Tana then goes on to ask if he remembers her dress or her hair while he only remembers Innes challenging him to various contests when they first met. She gets upset and leaves the lord confused. When next they meet, Tana has prepared a lunch for him. But this is still a battlefield as Ephraim points out. Tana gets upset about how her attempts to get him to open up fail. She then demands if there is someone else. He doesn't quite understand the question. She just wants to be near him. He is flattered and tells her that he appreciates her affection.


    Ephraim starts off as a level four lord. He can promote to the second and final tier Great Lord with the use of a Solar Brace. It can be found when the player clears chapter sixteen in either storyline. Unlike most games in the franchise, Ephraim's promotion is not forced. The player can decline the promotion and choose to promote Ephraim later in the game if they want.

    Ephraim also gains a horse when he promotes, but does not gain the ability to use other weapons. After promotion, when Ephraim is attacked indirectly from any distance of one or further, Ephraim's sprite will hold a ranged lance (javelin, spear, short spear)

    Unit Data

    Base Stats

    • Starting class: Lord
    • Affinity: Fire
    • HP: 4
    • Strength/Magic: 8
    • Skill: 9
    • Speed: 11
    • Luck: 8
    • Defense: 7
    • Resistance: 2
    • Constitution: 8
    • Movement: 5
    • Weapon grade: Lances - D

    Growth Rates

    • Health: 80%
    • Strength/Magic: 55%
    • Skill: 55%
    • Speed: 45%
    • Luck: 50%
    • Defense: 35%
    • Resistance: 25%


    Ephraim has a total of 5 endings. They are as follow:

    • Ephraim - Restoration King: Busy days awaited him upon his return to Renais. He oversaw the rebuilding not only of his own country but also of the entire continent of Magvel. His work was difficult, but his success made him a legend.
    • Ephraim/Eirika: Busy days awaited Eirika and Ephraim as they struggled to rebuild Renais. Their work gave new hope to those ravaged by the war, and with Eirika's constant help, Ephraim grew to be a trusted and honorable king.
    • Ephraim/Myrrh: After the war, Ephraim returned to Renais and Myrrh to Darkling Woods. They both turned their attention to their respective duties but never forgot one another. Though Myrrh never again left Darkling Woods, Ephraim often visited her.
    • Ephraim/L' Arachel: Ephraim and L'Arachel each returned home after the war, but L' Arachel visited Renais often. Over time, the two were wed. Their marriage threw Rausten into turmoil, but L' Arachel's self-centeredness carried the day.
    • Ephraim/Tana: Once Renais was stable again, Ephraim and Tana were wed. Innes protested vocally, but when he saw how happy Tana was, he gave the marriage his blessings. Renais and Frelia are now bound by blood as well as friendship.

    Other appearances

    Ephraim has a sticker in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. His sticker adds 23 attack points to slash attacks in the Subspace Emissary. It is usable to everyone. The image is that of his stance in his official art.

    Ephraim is also a DLC character in Fire Emblem: 3DS. He can be summoned via talisman, an item that can be won if Krom clears the DLC chapter.


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