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"I am here on a mission. One that I swore to my brother I would fulfill. I will not be stopped by the likes of you!" -- Eirika, when fighting against Valter

Unlike her brother, she would prefer to avoid violence when she can. Considering her life as a sheltered princess, she is fairly naive and pays the price for it. Luckily for her, she does mature somewhat when she requests her brother to help her train, so that she defend herself. She must have some skill with a sword if Seth can give her a rapier and feel a little more at ease that she'll be safe. According to Ross, Eirika is very much like his mother, Risa. She is gentle and kind, but also very strong as proven by her resolve to find Ephraim and save Renais.


Eirika is first seen escaping Castle Renais with Seth when Grado's forces overwhelm the army. As they flee to Frelia, Seth is attacked by Valter. After being wounded, Seth still manages to escape with Eirika as Valter decides to let them go in order to "savor the hunt." When they reach Frelia, King Hayden asks Eirika to stay here until Ephraim returns, but she is determined to find him and decides to head to Grado. King Hayden then aids her by giving her funds and a couple of of his retainers. As they make their way through, they see the damage the war has caused and some undead monsters have risen as well. She makes it to Serafew and rescues the cleric, Natasha, who reveals Emperor Vigarde's plan to destroy the sacred stones and eliminate the continent's shield against evil. As they travel, Seth explains the significance of Eirika's bracelet. Her and Ephraim's bracelets are the key to the door of Renais' sacred stone. When they arrive in Renvall, Orson betrays her and imprisons her in the fort for a chance to resurrect his dead wife. Ephraim arrives with his knights to free her, and they are reunited. They then plan their next move while they wonder what happened to their peace-loving friend and prince of Grado, Lyon.

Role in Eirika's story

Eirika sails to Rausten to warn them of the war. However, no ship will sail for fear of a 'ghost ship' that terrorizes the waters. Eirika then takes the overland route through the republic of Carcino, in the country of Magvel. She finds Prince Innes under attack by Carcino soldiers. After the battle, Klimt tells her that Carcino allies with Grado only because of Councilman Pablo, and that not all of Carcino agrees. She, along with Innes, then travel to Jehanna, which was Innes' responsibility to warn of the war. Along the way, they meet a bold troubadour out hunting monsters and her bodyguard, Dozla. To avoid excessive conflict, they take a route through Caer Pelyn and meet up with a young trainee. Along the way, they are stopped by Glen, who Eirika convinces to let them pass. Valter finds out about this and assassinates Glen. As they make their way through Caer Pelyn, they are attacked by monsters yet again. This time, a sage and mentor of the trainee they found offers to guide them through the mountains.

Meanwhile, Valter shows Cormag the corpse of his older brother, telling him that Eirika was the murderer. Enraged, Cormag flies to Hamill canyon to get revenge. Upon meeting her, however, she convinces him of the truth, and he decides to destroy Valter instead. Upon reaching Jehanna, the castle is under siege by Grado's forces. Eirika meets Lyon again, who tells her that he'll always be her friend before running away. Queen Ismaire is mortally wounded by General "Tiger Eye" Caellach, and Jehanna's sacred stone has been destroyed as well. As she dies, she talks with her son, Joshua, before the castle is set aflame by Grado's troops. As they escape the fire, Eirika finds herself trapped between Caellach's forces and Valter's forces. As the battle in the desert rages on, Eirika's brother and a small group of his allies have arrived.

Role in Ephraim's story

Eirika reunites with Ephraim at the end of this story.

After Reuniting

Ephraim declares that Grado is defeated, therefore, they must head home to Renais. The kingdom is now under the rule of a tyrannical Orson. Upon his defeat, they find a moving corpse who resembles Orson's wife, Monica, in the traitor's chamber. Her mannerisms are similar to those of Vigarde's. As it is not truly alive anymore, Ephraim takes it upon himself to destroy her. Renais is secured, and the twins receive Renais' legendary weapons, Sieglinde and Siegmund as well as their sacred stone. They then head to Rausten to protect the last stone. Frelia's reinforcements have been eradicated except for their commander, Syrene, who joins their army. The twins find Lyon once again, but something has changed about him. They pursue him once he vanishes into the mountains, but they are led into a trap filled with Gorgons. Once they escape, Eirika finds Lyon again.

Lyon convinces her to give him the sacred stone by saying that he needs it to drive out the demon king. Once she hands it over, he crushes it. His soul is almost entirely consumed by the Demon King and his body is completely under his control. Lyon tells her he'll be in the Darkling Woods before he disappears. Eirika and Ephraim then rest in Rausten and obtain the only surviving sacred stone. The castle is then invaded by Riev, but that attack is defended against. The army then charges into Darkling Woods to stop Lyon from performing a ceremony that the Demon King has tricked what remains of Lyon into believing that will save the world from future disaster. Alas, the twins are too late, and the ceremony has instead resurrected the Demon King and mastermind behind all events thus far, Fomortiis. They seal his soul, but must destroy his body.

The battle is over, the people return home with new goals in mind. Eirika stays in Renais while Ephraim journeys to Grado to save the people that Lyon wanted to protect. Eirika promises that she'll stay here until Ephraim returns.

Military Affiliation

Eirika is a lord of Renais. She sides with Frelia against Grado. She will never join the other side ever.


Eirika has a total of seven supports: Ephraim, Seth, L'Arachel, Tana, Innes, Forde, and Saleh.

For Eirika's conversation with Ephraim, check Ephraim's page under the header, "Supports." It should be the first one.

In her conversation with Seth, she asks about his well-being since he has protected her from the start. Then she asks about the wound he received from Valter since it doesn't seem like it's healed. He dismisses it denying that it has not. When next they meet, Seth observes Eirika as she practices and remarks on how she's improved. She believes that she's nowhere near his level, but he thinks she's praising him too much. He requests that she does not go out into the frontlines too often as she is a lord. She says that she cannot since he is there protecting her. She asks him to observe her practice a little longer, so that she can learn to protect herself. When next they meet, he tells her that she is being too close to him. No, the wound he got when the castle fell had not healed, but it doesn't mean anything. He is a subject. She will be a queen. She has to be able to send him to die or she is not a ruler. She reluctantly agrees with him. He apologizes because he thought of her as more of someone he wanted to protect instead of his queen, but he won't forget their roles again.

In her conversation with L'Arachel, Eirika is greeted by a troubadour who apparently forgot that they agreed to meet for battle plans. L'Arachel dismisses it by bringing up how she could tell Eirika was of high birth the moment she laid eyes on her. Eirika allows L'Arachel to chatter away as they probably won't get anything done in the end. When next they meet, L'Arachel is attempting to practice her self defense by swinging her staff around. This prompts Eirika to ask why she is so obsessed with fighting monsters. L'Arachel explains that her parents gave their lives to defend helpless people when she was an infant. Though she will never know them, that doesn't lower the pride she feels. Eirika feels the same since her father didn't move in defending Castle Renais, but she wouldn't have thought any less of him had he fled. When next they meet, L'Arachel doesn't want Eirika to think she is weak for feeling lonely and gifts her with a ruby from Rausten. She doesn't let Eirika refuse it and tells her that she must live so that she can invite her to Renais some time.

In her conversation with Tana, Eirika is asked if she will let Tana ride with her. She is allowed immediately, and Tana expresses concern about her fighting ability. While Eirika and her are the same age, the lord appears to be more mature and courageous. Eirika tries her best to reassure her. When next they meet, Tana complains about her brother's insults to her. Eirika thinks Innes is just being harsh to discourage her participation in battle because he's worried about her. The lord offers to be by her side and talk to him, which leaves the pegasus knight slightly envious of Eirika's more pleasant relationship with her brother, Ephraim. When next they meet, Tana asks Eirika if she thinks she's gotten stronger. They then promise each other that they'll survive the battle. Of course, Tana will probably have to apologize to her father, King Hayden of Frelia, for running off to fight. Eirika says she'll go with her.

In her conversation with Innes, Eirika is greeted by the archer's sudden offer to protect her in battle. He claims that it is because he refuses to remain indebted to her, so he will protect her. Eirika just points out that he is an archer and should probably stay behind her anyway. When next they meet, Innes complains about how Eirika rushes off into battle since he is supposed to protect her. Eirika dismisses it and simply thanks him for his help. Innes remarks that she is so different from her brother. She doesn't think so and asks if he would befriend him since Ephraim truly is kind. Innes then admits his jealousy to her admiration of her brother. When next they meet, Innes asks Eirika if she loves anyone. Surprised, she shakily answers 'no.' He then outright tells her that he loves her. Flustered, she tells him that he shouldn't joke like that. He is completely serious. The archer then declares that until he can best Ephraim, he has no right to woo her; should he fail, then he releases any claim to her affection. As he leaves, Eirika cries out in frustration of his stubborn determination.

In her conversation with Forde, Eirika is a bit tired from all the fighting. Forde asks her why she wears armor that exposes a bit...much around the midriff. She prefers freedom of movement over defense and asks him about his armor. Dents and scratches on armor prove a knight's worth (even though Forde mostly got his from falling off his horse) Eirika then thanks him for standing alongside her brother. When next they meet, Eirika asks Forde what he plans to do when they save Renais, to which he answers "take a nap and maybe paint." She then asks him if he would consider doing a portrait of her. He doesn't do very many portraits, but he agrees to her request. When next they meet, Forde asks Eirika what she plans to do when the war's over. She says that she wants to bring happiness back to her people and restore Renais. Forde marvels at how driven the twins are. He then tells her that the reason he fights is so that he can bring her smile back. That way, he can capture it forever when he paints her portrait.

For Eirika's conversation with Saleh, please check Saleh's page under the header "Supports." Saleh only has four supports, so it should not be difficult.


Eirika starts off as a level one Lord. She can promote to the second and final tier Great Lord when she gets the Lunar Brace. It can be found when the player clears chapter sixteen in either story. Unlike most games in the franchise, Eirika's promotion is not forced and the player can decline her promotion and promote her later if they choose.

Eirika also gets a horse with her promotion, but she does not gain the ability to use additional weapons.

Unit Data

Base Stats

  • Starting class: Lord
  • Affinity: Light
  • HP: 16
  • Strength/Magic: 4
  • Skill: 8
  • Speed: 9
  • Luck: 5
  • Defense: 3
  • Resistance: 1
  • Constitution: 5
  • Movement: 5
  • Weapon grade: Swords - E

Growth Rates

  • Health: 70%
  • Strength/Magic: 40%
  • Skill: 60%
  • Speed: 60%
  • Defense: 30%
  • Resistance: 30%


Eirika has a total of six different endings. They are as follow:

  • Eirika - Restoration Queen: Eirika returned to Renais and began the reconstruction effort with her brother, Ephraim. Seeing peace return to the lives of her people filled her with happiness. Her smile became a symbol of her people's joy.
  • Eirika/Ephraim: Busy days awaited Eirika and Ephraim as they struggled to rebuild Renais. Their work gave new hope to those ravaged by the war, and with Eirika's constant help, Ephraim grew to be a trusted and honorable king.
  • Eirika/Seth: Upon their return to Renais, Eirika and Seth were wed, with the blessings of Ephraim and all the Knights of Renais. The tale of the love that grew between a princess and her loyal knight became a beloved romance in Renais.
  • Eirika/Saleh: After the war, Eirika and Saleh returned to their respective homes. Eirika visited Caer Pelyn when she could. Eventually, she left Renais in the care of her brother and wed Saleh. Their daughter resembles the legendary Nada Kuya.
  • Eirika/Tana: Following the war, Tana and Eirika remained the best of friends. They visited one another when time permitted, and as they grew older, their children shared a bond of friendship as close as Eirika and Tana themselves did.
  • Eirika/Forde: After the war, Eirika and Forde returned to Renais. Eirika spent her days toiling in the reconstruction of Renais, and he was her faithful supporter. His portrait of Eirika captured the smile he had thought lost forever.

Other appearances

Eirika has a sticker in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Her sticker adds 16 attack points to slash attacks in the Subspace Emissary. It is only usable to Marth and Ike. The image is that of her stance in her official art.

Eirika is also a DLC character in Fire Emblem 3DS. She can be summoned via talisman, an item that can won if Krom clears the DLC chapter. Her talisman is bundled with a class-changing item.


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