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    Captain Onishima

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    Captain Onishima is the secondary antagonist of Jet Set Radio (2000) and a choosable protagonist in SEGA Heroes. He is the hot-headed and low-tempered Chief of police in Tokyo-To whose sole goal is to destroy the punks spraying graffiti all over the city.

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    Captain Onishima is the secondary antagonist of Jet Set Radio, a delusional police officer obsessed with destroying the punks of Tokyo-To, including the GGs. He is seen as deranged, and his obsession with hurting and arresting rebellious teens may come off as “off.”


    Onishima has a small-temper and will go to extreme lengths to terminate anyone who may pose as a threat to him. He is obsessed with removing punks and teen gangsters from the city, which leads to them harassing Onishima and tagging him with their personal graffiti.


    • IGN ranked Captain Onishima 95th of Top 100 Videogame Villains in 2010.
    • Onishima does not make an appearance in Jet Set Radio’s sequel, and did not make another physical appearance until 18 years later, with the release of SEGA Heroes.

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