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You Can't Get Much Better For A Handheld 0

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow is a game that has so much replay value packed away in it's cartridge you might find yourself playing it years later (I still find myself playing it now even 4 years after it was released). I did not play Aria of Sorrow, and this was actually the game that got me started on the series. I'll break up my review into individual categories to make it easier to navigate.Story I have no idea what happened in Aria of Sorrow but right from the start this game throws in it's p...

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Awesome Game with Glaring Flaws 0

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow is fairly immense in the depth department.  Some of these depth aspects include collecting a huge array of souls and items, forging player made weapons, path choices for speed runs, unlockable modes, and not to mention all the replay value included.  It’s also got a great soundtrack, and gimmicky features, like the use of the touch screen.  It’s easy to see why so many people love this game.Now, while all this is a prefect formula for making one of the best Castleroid...

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An excellent debut for the Castlevania series on the DS. 0

This is the sequel to Aria of Sorrow and the DS debut for the Castlevania series. I expected great things, and great things I got. Gameplay: The classic Castleroid that we know and love. It still feels as good as it did back in Symphony of the Night, if not better. The tactical soul system from Aria of Sorrow returns without major changes. If you haven't played AoS, the tactical soul system allows you to equip the souls of enemies. Different types of souls do different things. Red souls give y...

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Dawn of Sorrow Review 0

           With its extensive amount of games on numerous platforms, “Castlevania” lashes its way onto the Nintendo DS with the sequel to the hit Game Boy Advance game “Aria of Sorrow.” Offering better visuals, enhanced gameplay features, and a continuation of the storyline, “Dawn of Sorrow” sets a new standard for “Castlevania” games.             As with all “Castlevania” titles, Dracula’s castle has resurfaced but this time without the actual Dark Lord. Soma Cruz, the protagonist from the last...

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This is one of the best adventures the DS has to offer. 0

 Castlevania is a series that's home of many classics from the past, its unique style has led to a legion of fans. In the handheld world, Castlevania shows itself in its purest form. This game is a hybrid of 2D platforming, action, suspense, horror and RPG. The platforming is not conventional, most games have a finite way of seeing 2D platforming, as of starting in the far left and enduring the level to reach the far right. Castlevania has a whole world in 2D side-scrolling, certainly this is no...

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Excellent, just like the others in the series. 0

THE GOOD: Like SOTN, and the other 3 games before it, this game focuses on exploration, RPG like skill advancement, and action. Also, like the other games in the series, this game simply rocks. You explore the castle, gaining power ups to advance to new areas Metroid style. On top of that, the whole RPG aspect is here (leveling up, items, weapons, skills). One great aspect of this game is the skill (spell) system. Every enemy in the game has a chance to drop it's soul. When you get the whole, ...

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Great game! 0

Every time I put a new card into my favorite handheld, I find a new experience. Genre by genre, the DS has revived my interest for gaming. First Meteos more or less initialized my faith in puzzles, then Advance Wars renewed my enthusiasm for strategy, but now it's time for a different genre. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow proves once and for all that 2D action/adventures still have a lot to offer, and that the DS is a perfect place for them to come to roost. Sure, you've had Metroid Zero Mission, ...

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Dawn of Sorrow proves that 2D games have plenty of life. 0

NOTE: This review was written years ago, but it's never been posted on GB, so enjoy!******************Konami’s long-running Castlevania series has hardly missed a step. From its humble beginnings as a simple side-scroller, to a nonlinear action game with light RPG elements, and even some 3D incarnations here and there, Castlevania has a kind of “status” that’s attained only through years of successful releases. Dawn of Sorrow proves a number of things: 1) Konami’s still “got it”; 2) 2D games are...

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A different approach to the series, but satisfying nonetheless. 0

Since the early days of Simon Belmont, down through the generations, Dracula and his evil minions continue to find ways to resurface. Similar to the great heroes of time, each descendant manages to come of age with powerful new techniques and abilities which hold evil at bay. However, no matter what picture you paint within the haunting realm of the dead, every new Castlevania game will always remain true to its series. From the groundbreaking customization of Symphony of the Night to the card-b...

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