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    The Catapult is a heavy Inner Sphere fire support 'Mech that deals damage primarily through two long range missile racks.

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    Though initially only manufactured in small quantities, over the years the venerable Catapult heavy BattleMech has gained a significant presence within the armies of the Capellan Confederation and, to a lesser extent, the standing forces of other houses within the Inner Sphere. Essentially an ambulatory missile platform, the Catapult's most common combat role is that of indirect fire support, and as such its pilots are often known to venture only as close to their opponents as they need to in order to achieve missile lock. In addition to a pair of LRM-15 launchers, the CPLT-C1 model comes standard with four Medium Lasers, which can help fend off smaller threats that get too close for missiles to be effective. Even with these lasers, however, being confronted at close range by another heavy 'Mech or an assault 'Mech is usually disadvantageous for the Catapult, as the efficacy of its loadout is heavily dependent on its ability to attack from range. For situations which demand evasive action, the Catapult is also fitted with an Anderson Propulsion 21 jump jet system, though this particular component has been heavily criticized for substandard reliability.

    With such a long service life, the Catapult has undergone many revisions, both major and minor, and some of these variants change the 'Mech's combat role dramatically. The CPLT-C4 is one of the more modest alternate configurations, sacrificing laser potency in order to upgrade the unit's LRM-15s to LRM-20s, while the CPLT-C3 replaces both of the Catapult's LRMs with powerful Arrow IV Missile Artillery Systems, though only five rounds can be carried for each launcher. Other revisions have been known to include Medium Range or even Short Range Missile Launchers, thus affecting the 'Mech's optimal range, and some dispense with missile weapons entirely. Among these missile-free models are the CPLT-K3 and K4, which trade artillery for Particle Projection Cannons, as well as the CPLT-C6, which removes all other weapons in order to mount two Plasma Rifles to the Catapult's frame.

    Vital Statistics

    SchematicProduction InformationTechnical SpecificationsDefault Weapon Loadout
    Catapult Schematic
    Catapult Schematic
    • Affiliation: Inner Sphere
    • Designation: BattleMech
    • Designer: Capellan Confederation
    • Production Planets: Corey & Al Na'ir
    • Cost: 5,790,125 C-Bills
    • Class: Heavy 'Mech
    • Weight: 65 tons
    • Armor: 10 tons Durallex
    • Maximum Speed: 64.8 kph
    • Jump Jets: Anderson Propulsion 21
    • 2 LRM-15s
    • 4 Medium Lasers

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