Cat's Ring

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    An item in the PS3 game Demon's Souls. The wearer will take less damage from falls.

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    Arguably the least useful ring in the game, this ring suppresses your impact on the ground, decreasing the damage you take from jumps or falls, BUT it doesn't increase the distance you can fall. The game has a certain distance that you can't fall beyond, no matter how much health you have. When you fall beyond this point you will instantly die. This ring has no impact on this distance, and therefore has very limited practical use.

    How to Get It


    Valley of Defilement

    • From the Leechmonger Archstone, proceed as normal until you see the first Fog Gate.
    • Before entering the Fog Gate, turn left and you will see numerous islands with glowing yellow lights on some of them.
    • One of these islands has the ring. Watch out for the patrolling Black Phantom, as she has a very powerful weapon and can run faster than you in the swamp. She also is fairly hard to spot from a distance. She will walk between all the little islands, and run to you when spotted. Your best tactic is to equip the Graverobber's or Thief's ring, and just walk far behind her as she walks past.

    Patches, the Hyena

    • Patches sells the ring for 40,000 souls.

    How do I Use It?

    Equip it. Fall of ledge.
    • Important: This ring doesn't increase how far you can fall, it only decreases the amount of damage a normal fall would do to you.
    • Its main practical application is past the Armor Spider archstone in Stonefang Tunnel. Both route's here split off into fall-heavy sections. Use of this ring will save you a few Crescent Moon Grass es.
    • On new game and higher, falls will do more damage, but this ring will still hardly warrant the time it takes to pull it out.
    • If you're being chased by a Black Phantom in Stonefang Tunnel, this could also be useful, as your enemy will take more damage than you, making it easier to get the jump on them.

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