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Chakan is a 2D action-platformer for both the Genesis and the Game Gear. The game was based on Robert A. Kraus' Chakan comic series.

The Four Portals of the Supernatural

  • Earth - The realm of the 'Spider Queen'.
  • Fire- The realm of the sadistic Elkenrod, Mistress of Spectres.
  • Water - A realm of watery dangers. This level contains many levels including; Spiked Lizards, Squid, Giant-clawed Worms, and Demons. The boss of this level is The Mantis.
  • Air- A castle in the air, the boss of this level is The Dragonfly King.

Players are able to complete the portals in any order.


  • Balling Mallet - Used to bash through walls and boulders.
  • Scythe - Used to combat enemies and slash through webs.
  • Battle Axe - Used to battle creatures and break certain doors.
  • Grappling Hooks - Used to grapple onto set locations.


There are twelve types of alchemy:

  1. Temporarily blinds the enemy.
  2. Causes enemies to slow down.
  3. Allows players to throw bombs.
  4. Restores the skull bar.
  5. Arms the player with the Blue-sword.
  6. Arms the player with the Blue-Lightning Sword.
  7. Arms the player with the Orange Sword.
  8. Allow the player to jump higher.
  9. Arms the player with the Green-Lightning Sword.
  10. Reverses the hourglass.
  11. Creates a passages in certain locations.
  12. Shields the player from enemies.

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