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Claude is a secret character in Shining Force II. He's stuck in place inside the ancient ruins between the continents (South of Roft on Grans island, South of Ribble in Parmecia) because he's incomplete. The "Arm of Golem" can be found in Moun by searching the Northwestern parts of the town. It belongs to Claude. Once you give him his arm, he's quite happy he can move again and expresses his gratitude by offering to protect Bowie and the Shining Force.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Claude's health pool is comparatively low but he makes up for it with some of the highest defense available in the game. Pairing this with a strong attack makes Claude a strong character to compete with non-magic based enemies. However, the main drawback of Claude is his woefully small movement range. His natural movement of 4 keeps him far in the back of the pack, which is the worst spot for Claude's defensive powerhouse status.


Post-Promotion: Golem (GLM)

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