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A devout follower of the ancient religion simply called "the Order," Claudia Wolf is one of the main antagonists in the game Silent Hill 3. Disgusted at what the world has become, she is constantly heard talking about "reviving God and restoring Paradise". In reality she speaks of summoning an ancient demon only referred to as " the god", which was responsible for the hellish state of modern Silent Hill, and which will destroy the world if successfully revived. Allegedly, she was physically abused by her father, Leonard Wolf, as a child; which would help explain her constant fixation on pain and the desire for empathy. Claudia also shares a distant past with the main protagonist Heather Mason, as the two were raised together in Silent Hill before the events of the first game; because of this, Claudia frequently calls Heather " Alessa", her birth name. A deep hatred for Heather's father Harry Mason festers within her, as seventeen years prior to the events of Silent Hill, Harry prevented the first known attempt at reviving the Order's god by saving Alessa from her own fate and stealing her away. During Silent Hill 3, Claudia dispatches one of her "Missionaries" to kill Harry in order to fill Heather Mason with the rage and hatred needed to "nourish" the god residing inside her, though her plan fails and the incomplete "god" is killed.

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