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At A Glance

Gender: Male
Race: Breton
Occupation: Servant
Residence:  CastleAnvil
Related Characters: Beatrice Gene is Colin's servant counterpart.
Spouse: None
Quests: None


6 am: Wakes Up
6 am - 8 am: Eats breakfasts at the table in the kitchen while 
siting in the chair by the wall. Will also chat with fellow servant Beatrice Gene.
8 am - 5pm: Stands in the kitchen. Will walk back and forth between the kitchen and the dinning room. Will also chat with Beatrice Gene.
5 pm - 7pm: Eats dinner in the kitchen. Sits in the same seat as before. Will also chat with Beatrice Gene.
7 pm - 8pm: Break time. Colin will stand around the kitchen while also chatting with Beatrice Gene.
8 pm - 12 am: Colin will stand in the dinning room with Beatrice Gene while other residence of the castle eat their dinner.
12 am - 6 am: Bed time. Colin sleeps
behind the dinning roomin the small room to the right. The hallway is also connected to the private quarters.


Colin Stedrine is a simple servant for all of the residence in Castle Anvil. This NPC does nothing for the progress of the game and spends most of his time standing still. The only topic available when talking with Colin is "Rumors". Colin will simply repeat one line over and over. He is programmed just like Beatrice Gene. One can assume the two are friends after watching how much time they spend together.

The only objects Colin carries are:
1 Green Felt Linen
1 Green Wool Shirt
1 Huntsman Moccasin
1 Castle Anvil Interior Key
1 Castle Anvil Key
65 Gold

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