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    Commando Man

    Character » appears in 2 games

    One of the robot masters in Mega Man 10. His weapon is known as the Commando Bomb.

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    Commando Man primarily attacks by leaping into the air, shooting a Commando Bomb forward, then signaling the Bomb to travel straight down on or near Mega Man.  He will often leap high into the air, causing the ground to shake when he lands.   As with certain other large robot masters, Mega Man will be temporarily stunned if he is standing on the ground when this happens.   His weakness is the Wheel Cutter.
    Commando Man's specialty is the Commando Bomb.  After it is fired, it can be remotely controlled to make up to two ninety-degree turns before it collides with something.  After it collides, it releases shockwaves that travel a short distance in both directions perpendicular to the direction of impact.  These shockwaves tend to be more damaging than a direct hit from the Commando Bomb itself.  As such, quite a bit of technique is required to get the most out of this weapon.   The Commando Bomb is the only weapon that can destroy the barriers found in some of the levels.


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