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    Dive into a dark and brutalist-inspired world where daily reality has been corrupted by an otherworldly force. You are the new Director, and you must regain Control.

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    The Game Remedy's Been Trying to Make for a Decade 0

    In the wildly popular, beloved internet hackfraud comedy show "Best of the Worst," schlock auteur filmmaker Don Dohler is described as "trying to get his vision just right" as his output consists almost entirely of bizarrely identical movies (an alien of extremely limited means crash lands in a rural American forest, and a nearby town's inhabitants wind up terrorized by it as they terrorize each other) of varying levels of quality. With none rising much higher than 'watchably bad.' I mention th...

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    Intention at it's Finest, Weirdness at it's Best, and Performance at it's Most Taxing 0

    The first time I loaded up "Control", Remedy’s latest release and first apart from longtime publisher Microsoft, I was immediately struck by how harsh and eerie The Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) was. It loomed before the protagonist, Jesse Faden, like an all knowing monolith out of Stanley Kubrik’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” and brought with it all the haunting imagery and atmosphere that a creative work about the fragility of our world ought to.Remedy has always taken an ...

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    Valuating the Oldest House and fixing its basement 0

    (Played with Xbox One gamepad.)The announcement of Control at E3 2018 was the rare moments I felt seen. I was about to finish reading Authority by Jeff Vandermeer back then and Remedy’s new game’s premise sounded awfully a lot like that paranoia inducing New Weird novel. I felt as if the universe was pulling my leg.14 months later, I played the game on Epic Game Launcher and it became my favorite action game of 2019 after 2 long summer months with no good fun high octane action to b...

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    Control is Remedy's Best Game Yet 0

    Control starts with a great central mystery: Why are you at this giant, ever-changing brutalist building? Who/what summoned you there? Why is this gun breathing? Almost all of these questions are barely answered and that is why this game rules. There is so much mystery that is not resolved. While that might be frustrating to some, I found it just added to the overall vibe. There is weird shit that exists in this world and you don’t get to even scratch the surface on understanding. Trust me...

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    Remedy's best game yet? 0

    Control is the latest effort from Remedy Entertainment, and this is a case where the developer's pedigree shows. If you've played games like Alan Wake or Quantum Break, there's not much I can tell you except that the team over at Remedy took what was great from those games and made it much better.Control's story is a fantastic piece of freaky-weird sci-fi and is filled to the brim with little easter eggs, stories within stories and little side notes that complement the game's overall plot while ...

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    Control - Remedy Firing on All Cylinders 0

    Control is an outstanding experience with a gripping story, one of a kind environment, and gameplay that is so expertly tuned that I struggle to find an adequate comparison. There are some enemy encounters and sequences that are so expertly crafted that they'll be remembered for years to come.Expect a 10-15 hour single player story that's like XFiles meets Half Life 1; a sci-fi/paranatural mystery thriller that reveals itself as you explore this hidden world of government beaurocracy and myster...

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