Anyone planning on getting this next week?

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The next game in the Corpse Party franchise will be releasing in North America on the fifteenth of January for $19.99. Game's composed of eight chapters, two of which are continuations of the original game's true ending. The rest are standalone stories which are a mix of alternate universe ones based on one of the original game's bad endings and backstory chapters.

An article on the PS blog has an introduction to each of the game's chapters (spoiler-free).

Like I said in the other Book of Shadows thread, I enjoyed the previous game for what it was, but I'm not sure I'd be into playing something like it again, at least not for $20. I do want to know what happens next in the story, though, and the first-person perspective instead of the third-person one might make the gameplay more tolerable for me, so I'll consider it.

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I didn't realize they were making a sequel to this. I've heard good things about the first one, so I picked up a copy of that like a week ago coincidentally.

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I tried out the first one and I just couldn't get into it. Maybe if I try it again, I'll enjoy it more, but if the sequel has the same type of gameplay I'll probably avoid it.

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@Coafi: I think Book of Shadows is more like a point and click adventure game.

Anyway, if I get it it will only be to support XSeed. I wasn't a huge fan of the first game.

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@Coafi said:

but if the sequel has the same type of gameplay I'll probably avoid it.

It's played through a first-person perspective, so it's more like a visual novel than the fairly mediocre third-person adventure game the first one was.

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I think the only people on the site who played it were you and , so there's your answer.

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I still need to play the first one. Download it to my Vita.

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@FancySoapsMan: @FluxWaveZ:

Yeah, it seems it's a different gameplay, this is what one of the localization guys wrote in response to a comment on the PSblog :

This game plays out more like a point-and-click adventure meets a board game meets a visual novel. Speaking, searching rooms, etc. is done in “search mode,” which basically plays out like a point-and-click adventure. When you want to move to another room, you can press the L button to bring up the school map, which looks kind of like a board game. Choose your square, then watch as your character walks to the new location screen-by-screen, dropping back into search mode when he/she gets there OR dropping into a story scene if he/she is interrupted along the way.
Game features a message log, save-anywhere functionality (including during conversations!) and even fast-forwarding, and also has a “Darkening” system that distorts the screen and causes minor gameplay changes as your character becomes more frightened, sometimes triggering additional wrong ends.

That sounds neat, I'll wait for some reviews and maybe I'll get it.

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Book of Shadows has more Kizami being Kizami. I might buy it again just to make the chance of a Corpse Party: 2U localization higher. Though, I'm kinda pissed at Team GrisGris with how they handled the demo release of CP2: Dead Patient.

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I really enjoyed the original Corpse Party and will certainly be downloading Book of Shadows tonight. I'm just surprised that the original game was successful enough for the squeal to be released, I hope this means good things for more Corpse Party in the future. I am not interested in 2U at all but Dead Patient looks like a great continuation of the series and I'd love to see XSEED localize it.

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I absolutely will as soon as it becomes financially viable for me to purchase a vita, as I have heard that this is backwards compatible with the Vita. This kind of game is right up my alley. I enjoy visual novels and a horror aspect is icing on the cake.

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is this the video game adaptation of the blair witch 2 movie? that would be great!

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I downloaded it, I played the first one I enjoyed so this should be good

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Uh huh, on the EU release

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the first one scared the socks off of me.

p.s. be sure to wear your best headphones when playing!

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@HaniBall said:

the first one scared the socks off of me.

p.s. be sure to wear your best headphones when playing!

If not for yourself, do it for your neighbors (and probably the cops, too). Because Jesus Christ. Don't think I've ever experienced more screaming, yelling and crying at the top of your lung than was presented in this game.

@FluxWaveZ said:

mediocre third-person adventure game the first one was.

I went into it after having seen stuff like HP for characters and was expecting an RPG with some combat a-la persona - "let's fight shadows". When it turned out to be just that: a mediocre top-down-ish adventure game, it was a breath of fresh air. I really loved it -- to just have the story play out and not have to bother with all that other stuff - because honestly more "gameplay" would've just hurt the presentation which I thought was very well executed.... well, apart from that whole storyline contrivance of a certain 14 year old girl (who I honestly thought was 4 by the way she acted throughout the game) and how she can't just pee anywhere.

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I didn't know there was another Corpse Party game coming out until just now.

Needless to say, yes I am going to buy this as soon as possible.

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If it's anything like Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows... then I'm fuckin IN.

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I really enjoyed the first Corpse Party, but it was not a game that left me wanting more of it. That first game feels pretty complete and I don't have much interest in revisiting it.

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I literally just bought a PSP to play Corpse Party, so I'll probably pick up both and burn through them this next week. I am PUMPED.

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