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 Cosmic Carnage is a 2-D fighting game, released in 1994 for Sega's 32X. Cosmic Carnage features eight playable characters and is designed to use the six button controller, but the standard three button controller may be used. The Japanese title is "Cyber Brawl".


 Cosmic Carnage is about a group of intergalactic prisoners who are being shipped off to a space mine. During the trip to the mine the prisoners end up taking over the ship, but in the process damage the ship. While trying to hijack another ship to escape, they ram their own ship into it thus destroying all but one of the escape pods and killing all but eight total people from both of the ships. Now those eight survivors fight for control of the last escape pod.


 There are eight total characters, four from the prisoner ship and four from the military ship.
  •  Talmac
  •  Cyclic
  •  Yug
  •  Zena-Lan
  •  Naja
  •  Naruto
  •  Deamon
  •  Tyr

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