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Just Better 0

     Let's start off with the value, you get a 30 dollar game with two very well put together components. Yes, it is important that the multiplayer aspect of Crysis Warhead, Crysis Wars, is separate. Since it's a separate application it means that the team can more easily patch the multiplayer component without having to worry about messing with the single player portion itself. Obviously Wars is going to be updated a lot more frequently than Warhead so this alone makes it a lot more efficient f...

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Fixing Crysis 3

After playing Crysis I can honestly say that I was disappointed. While the nanosuit and the weapons were pretty cool, the poor AI and the annoying introduction of the un-named, uninteresting and near unkillable alien species made me want to cry.  Throw in some sub-par vehicle sections and the endlessly frustrating zero-gravity maze and you have one of the first games that I uninstaled before even finishing, but that was CrysisCrysis: Warhead fixes every single complaint that I had with the origi...

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A Far Better Game- A Great Experience 1

Crysis Warhead is a far, far better game than Crysis. Even if you didn't like Crysis, you should give Warhead a go. The storyline is tremendously good, and it actually makes you care about the characters and the outcome of the game. Shockingly, Psycho's voice becomes endearing, rather than being totally annoying as it was in Crysis. The action is plentiful, well executed and hugely entertaining. The supposed performance boosts were nonexistent for me. I have an 8800 GTS and I could only get the ...

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A short but sweet ride 0

After playing this game to the end I kind of felt what I felt with the first Crysis. This is pretty good, but I think some people won't judge it on its own rights. A game that relies heavily on graphics to make a name of itself is bound to have it weighed more than it should. Crysis Warhead, like the first game just to a lesser degree, is not just a pretty game, it's a pretty game that's also a great game.What makes it so special are the nanosuit features. You can become invisible, have a boost ...

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"All flash, no substance", except that there's no flash anymore. 0

I hoped EA was going to keep the great graphics and improve the mediocre story and boring gameplay.And what did they do? They kept the mediocre story and boring gameplay AND ruined the visual greatness of the game, which was the only positive side it actually had.EA is now officially the MacDonald's of the game industry. Mass production for mass consuming. Lots of profit, no real value of the product. Except for teenagers, which don't really have taste yet. And when they start to form one, EA wi...

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Crysis: Warhead Review 0

Crytek’s Crysis Warhead is the standalone expansion to the original Crysis. Unfortunately for console gamers, the game is only for the computer at this time, but who knows? Crytek may plan to port the game over sometime this year. But for those of you who have the PC rig powerful enough to handle the game, Warhead is an essential buy for PC gamers.The game follows Psycho from the original game instead of protagonist, Nomad, and follows a pretty similar storyline. You’ll find yourself running thr...

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Crysis 0

This game is really worth purchasing. On direct x 10 it is really unbelievable what they can do. Buy this game you really really cant go wrong. If you got a nice machine you will really be glad you bought this gamee  A +++ in al the effects. I hear they are comming out with a newer version of this game.But if your a parent that doesn't know a lot about gaming buy this one for little Tommy or Susie. They will love you forever for this....

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Greatest Game I have played 0

The game is great in all categories Simple rating just Buy It....A+ job on the making of this one.. Some people out here are way to critical. If your are a gamer dont pass this one up. How do they make these gameas so real . Iam running this game on vista 64 bit direct x 10...Again just buy it  you wont go wrong..How do they come up with these ideas. The games are getting better and better. I come from the ere of quarters. im 49yrs old never would have guesd that the gaming industry would be  as...

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Crysis:Warhead 0

I hadn't played the original Crysis due to not being able to run it, however to celebrate my new high powered gaming computer i picked up Crysis:Warhead.The game follows one the characters from the original Crysis named Psycho who is a wise cracking Brit, The game takes you through a story that runs parallel to the events of the original game.I haven't Played the original Far Cry either so i had no previous experiences with Crytek's games before now.The best way to describe Crysis:Warhead is its...

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Hamst3r's Quick Review 0

CRYSIS: WARHEADThis was an awesome expansion to the original Crysis, though it ends a bit abruptly. There were numerous set piece battles in Warhead which I enjoyed greatly. Many of these standoffs were larger and more intense than those in the original game. Warhead definitely ramps up the difficulty by throwing more enemies at you all the time, but that removes a lot of the strategic element from the game. In the first Crysis you had the choice of storming in to an area, sneaking in cloaked, ...

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Quote's: A fantastic game that stands on it's own very well... 0

When I first heard that Crytek were creating a new game with "Cry" in the title, crysis, I instantly thought: "here comes the next level in pristine graphical technology". Then when I played Crysis to find out if the stories of it's graphical brilliance were all true. THEY WERE! I found another surprising truth out about the game, The story in the single-player campaign's was just as good! From start to finish.Story:Well, Crysis Warhead follows suit, with another fantastic story. But could confu...

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More of the same, which is good. 0

I just finished this game 15 minutes ago.It was a wild ride, just like the first Crysis game.The first thing I noticed when I started playing was that the performance was better then the first one, and the graphic quality as well. In case you are not aware of this, the first Crysis game was made to make you cry about your so called "imba" computer at that time, with an excessive amount of graphical power, there was no machine able to run it decently on Maximum (got it?) Settings. However, this o...

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Required if you played Crysis 0

This game is the extension of the original Crysis and follows the story from the viewpoint of Psycho. The game plays like the original with a few enhancements to the engine. The vehicles are a bit better and the graphics are a bit sharper. Story is much more focused and sometimes makes a few leaps. Game is also shorter than the original but contains very good cinamatics. One of the best I ever saw. Definitely a winner and a must if you played the original Crysis....

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Crysis Done Right 1

Crysis Warhead is the pseudo-sequel to the beautiful-but-not-quite-awesome-game Crysis. It takes place alongside the original, plopping you into the robotically-enhanced boots of Psycho, one of your buds from the original game that took off to perform his own acts of badassery about half-way through. And acts of badassery they were, indeed.You'll be seeing plenty of this throughout the campaign.To me it feels as if Warhead is Crytek's way of saying "alright, we know we did some things wrong, let...

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CRYSIS WARHEAD, made for consoles 2 STARS 8

CRYSIS WARHEAD, basically in this game your after a ... dum dum dum.... warhead.  Whoop-di-doo, I bet you could not figure that one out for yourself.  But enough chitchat about the title, this game is a stand-alone expansion on last years best looking game across all platforms (pc,360,ps3), hell best looking game (Crysis, not this expansion) in years.  Well, After having beating the original CRYSIS 6 times from beginning to end, I'm deeply disappointed with this expansion.  To start it off, the ...

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Recinded 0

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Short, Pretty, And A Damn Good Time 1

Crysis Warhead is the stand-alone expansion to last year’s #1 PC shooter, Crysis.  In Warhead, you are on the opposite side of the island from the original game but many of the same events occur.  You start the game just shooting Koreans and investigating the island and that is about the first, let’s say fifth of the game.  After that, your main target switches to fighting robotic aliens who are referred to as Exoskeletons. The action is better than ever and with new graphic engine tinkering, it...

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More of that Crysis goodness. 0

It's really fun, but pretty short. Overall, this game is more of an expansion pack then a sequel so don't expect too much.My favorite loadout was the gauss rifle/shotgun. Perfect for sniping at long range and then ambushing from cloak mode with the shottie. But when I didn't have the ammo, I'd use the precision rifle/FY-17.The minigun APC is insanely fun, as long as you stay at long range and shower your targets with the minigun. It's really inaccurate but so damn powerful it doesn't matter.My o...

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Eased system reqs make gameplay superior 0

If you're like me, you want to see the best visuals possible. Crysis is clearly (as of right now) the most graphically intensive game ever. Crysis Warhead follows in it's footsteps, but makes those visuals more accessible. Running at roughly the same frame rate on my pc, I can run Warhead at a higher resolution (about 70% more pixels) than the original. This,  in my opinion, improves the gameplay. With the added pixels, there's less blur, and you become more immersed in the jungle around you.War...

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War(head), what's it good for? 0

There are those who said that Crysis was just a glorified tech demo that doesn't do anything new for shooters. Those people, in my opinion, are wrong. If they were to say the same thing about Warhead, the stand-alone expansion to Crysis, however, I wouldn't really fault them for saying so.In the original Crysis, the emphasis was on emergent gameplay, which basically means you can approach a given situation however you see fit, within the game's ruleset. The environments were massive and expansiv...

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This game is perhaps one of the best ways to spend 30 bucks. 1

Crysis Warhead is the psuedo sequel to last year's futurstic PC shooter Crysis, and for those who played the original I can say it doesnt stray far from the original.The game for those who dont know is about you a special forces marine who are infiltrating an island filled with koreans, and also homicidal aliens who seeks to destroy mankind. Now this might be tough for the regular solider but you have this nanosuit, which grants you special powers like super strenght, super speed, and cloaking. ...

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