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A Real Game

This game is not for anyone looking to be serious or competitive. This game runs purely on charm, fun, and cheesy puns. You play a cube trying to survive in the hard natural world. You start off small consuming other animals to mutate colors and grow limbs. As you progress through the levels you grow more limbs which lets you combine different colors which puts the limbs in new orientations. You can have a body of two legs (all limbs are square of course) or a body like a snake. Each mutation will have its ups and downs and you will definitely find arrangements that you will favor.

The next big aspect is mating to pass down your genes to your children. This lets you pick an orientation that you want to be able to mutate into at any time. You also have the chance of growing teeth and other small appendages that help upgrade your abilities.

You unlock plenty of different colors and arrangements through the game that always keep you looking for more. There is little exploration since the game is segmented into levels so don't expect to roam a large open world. The game is tons of fun but there is one glaring error. The game falls into a repetitive cycle pretty quickly. You get a piece of raw meat, you mate, you go through a level, fight the boss to get another piece of raw meat, rinse and repeat. It is something to be expected when playing a game like this but it still feels a bit stifling. Don't let that be the reason to take you away from this family friendly evolution excitement.

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