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    Dave Grohl

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    A musician most well-known as the guitarist and vocalist of the Foo Fighters, as well as the drummer of Nirvana. His music has been featured in many games, and he was also in the special thanks section of the credits in two games.

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    David Eric Grohl was born on January 14, 1969 in Warren, Ohio. His parents divorced, and he lived with his mother in Alexandria, Virginia.

    Grohl began learning to play guitar at the age of 12. In 1982, he and his sister Lisa spent the summer at a cousin’s house. Their cousin got them both into punk rock, and took them to many shows.

    Grohl had taught himself to play drums, and he auditioned for a band called Scream. He said he was 20, but he was actually 17. He was accepted into the band.

    Dave Grohl, relaxing at home.
    Dave Grohl, relaxing at home.

    Grohl met Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic after a show in 1990. When Scream broke up, Grohl was asked to join Nirvana. He recorded Nevermind, In Utero and two live albums with Nirvana before Cobain's death in 1994.

    In 1995, Grohl started a new band, Foo Fighters. He recorded the entire first album by himself, and then gathered band mates shortly after. Even though the rest of the band did not contribute to the first album, Dave Grohl still gives them royalties from it. They have so far released five albums since the first, one live album, and three live DVDs. Their latest studio release was Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace, which was released on September 25, 2007.

    In 2009, Grohl, Josh Homme, and John Paul Jones started a new band called Them Crooked Vultures. Them Crooked Vultures' debut album was released on November 17, 2009.


    • No More Censorship (1988, Scream)
    • Live At Van Hall In Amsterdam (1989, Scream)
    • Nevermind (1991, Nirvana)
    • Hormoaning EP (1992, Nirvana)
    • Incesticide (1992, Nirvana)
    • Late! (1992, Pocketwatch)
    • Fumble (1993, Scream)
    • In Utero (1993, Nirvana)
    • MTV Unplugged: Live In New York (1994, Nirvana)
    • Live! Tonight! Sold Out! (1994, Nirvana) (VHS/Laserdisc Release)
    • Foo Fighters (1995, Foo Fighters)
    • From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah (1996, Nirvana)
    • The Colour And The Shape (1997, Foo Fighters)
    • The Godzilla Soundtrack (Single, A320) (1998, Foo Fighters)
    • There Is Nothing Left To Lose (1999, Foo Fighters)
    • Orange County Soundtrack (one song, The One) (2001, Foo Fighters)
    • Tenacious D (2001, Tenacious D)
    • Songs For The Deaf (2002, Queens Of The Stone Age)
    • Nirvana (2002, Nirvana)
    • One By One (2002, Foo Fighters)
    • Killing Joke (2003, Killing Joke)
    • Probot (2004, Probot)
    • With The Lights Out (2004, Nirvana) (Box Set)
    • With Teeth (2005, Nine Inch Nails)
    • In Your Honor (2005, Foo Fighters)
    • Sliver - The Best Of The Box (2005, Nirvana)
    • Five Songs And A Cover EP (2005, Foo Fighters)
    • Live! Tonight! Sold Out! (2006, Nirvana) (DVD Release)
    • Skin And Bones (2006, Foo Fighters)
    • The Pick Of Destiny (2006, Tenacious D)
    • Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (movie) (2006)
    • MTV Unplugged: Live In New York (2007, Nirvana) (DVD Release)
    • The Colour And The Shape [Extended] (2007, Foo Fighters)
    • Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace (2007, Foo Fighters)
    • Foo Fighters: Greatest Hits (2009, Foo Fighters)
    • Them Cooked Vultures (2009, Them Cooked Vultures)
    • Wasting Light (2011, Foo Fighters)


    • 1991: The Year Punk Broke (as himself, 1992)
    • Is It Fall Yet? (playing Daniel Dotson, voice only, 2000)
    • Classic Albums: Nirvana - Nevermind (as himself, 2005)
    • Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (as Satan, 2006)
    • The Muppets (as Animool, 2011)
    • Back and Forth (as himself, 2011)
    • Sound City (as himself and also Director, 2013)

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