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Joshua kickin' it with Conan O'Brian
Joshua kickin' it with Conan O'Brian

Joshua Michael Homme was born in Joshua Tree, California and grew up in Palm Desert. He began playing guitar at the age of nine. At age 14 Homme formed a heavy metal band called Sons of Kyuss (later shortened to Kyuss). Homme was the band's lead guitarist. Kyuss split up in 1995 and Homme went on to found the group that would eventually be known as Queens of the Stone Age. In addition, he founded the Desert Sessions, an experimental rock band that is a musical collective of several musicians including PJ Harvey, Dean Ween, Alain Johannes, Dave Catching, and many many others.

Josh Homme is married to musician Brody Dalle.

Josh is well known for his interactions with the audience during shows.


Homme mainly plays guitar and provides vocals, but he has also played bass guitar, drums, piano, keyboards, organ, and lap steel.


Kyuss (1989 - 1995)


Sons of Kyuss - 1990

Wretch - 1991

Blues for the Red Sun - 1992

Welcome to Sky Valley - 1994

...And the Circus Leaves Town - 1995

Muchas Gracias: The Best Of Kyuss - 2000

The Desert Sessions (1997 - Present)

Desert Sessions
Desert Sessions

Volumes 1 & 2 - 1998

Volumes 3 & 4 - 1998

Volumes 5 & 6 - 1999

Volumes 7 & 8 - 2001

Volumes 9 & 10 - 2003

Volumes 11 & 12 - 2019

Queens Of The Stone Age (1997 - Present)

Queens Of The Stone Age
Queens Of The Stone Age

Queens Of The Stone Age - 1998

Rated R - 2000

Songs for the Deaf - 2002

Lullabies to Paralyze - 2005

Era Vulgaris - 2007

Era Vulgaris Tour Edition - ???

Over The Years And Through The Woods (Live CD) - 2005

...Like Clockwork (2013)

Villains (2017)

Eagles Of Death Metal
Eagles Of Death Metal

Eagles Of Death Metal (1998 - Present)

Peace, Love, Death Metal - 2004

Death By Sexy - 2006

Heart On - 2008

Zipper Down - 2015

Them Crooked Vultures

Them Crooked Vultures - 2009

The Warriors

Before the release of The Warriors in 2005, it was announced that Homme's band Queens of the Stone Age would contribute an exclusive track to the in-game soundtrack, "In the City", a cover of a Joe Walsh song. Upon the games release fans noticed that the song was not in the game at all. This would lead to rumors that the song would only be available on the CD soundtrack for the game. The track was absent from this release as well and the song has not been heard from by anyone. Some wonder if it was ever even recorded.


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