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dont play this game,,though i like warriors and,,vikings,,spartans,,ninjas ans so on..,

waste of time;p

gameplay is awful and terrible,,everything isnt,,but we review games in terms of gameplay

only reason this game gets two stars is all the info about our warriors here,much unlocks(to unlock) ,,many things to learn obvously;p,,

i spend microsoft points on this,,

didnt understand why i did it,,

there seemed to be many things to unlock and do in this game,,extras bonuses and so on,,costumes etcetc,,

and i liked the idea of warrriors of the type spartans,,viking,,ninja,,samurai,,represneting the entire world and globe,,

seemed like the perfect idea to go online with,,

until u tried the gameplay,,it was dull,,extremly bad exectued graphics,,with extremly poor textures/sprites;p,,that u could just throw a fork in and give it a night;p,,

extremly repative gameplay,,and textures,,and felt very stiff,,hell there wasnt even many variations of attacks u could do with each warrior,,

the idea nad spirit of this game is top notch,,just not everything else,,

avoid at all costs,,terribal,,gameplay,,most akward gameplay,,extremly easy gameplay,,poorly executed,,not fu nat all;pp,,

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